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09-18-2010, 09:28 AM
Let's see how good everyone is at predicting the winners in week 2!

Falcons over Cardinals

Bengals over Ravens (upset)

Browns over Chiefs

Cowboys over Bears

Eagles over Lions

Packers over Bills

Titans over Steelers

Dolphins over Vikes

Bucs over Panthers

Broncos over Seahawks

Raiders over Rams

Jets over Pats

Chargers over Jags

Texans over Redskins

Colts over Giants

Saints over 49ers

09-18-2010, 12:42 PM
My picks:

GB over BUF
Miami over Minny
Chiefs over Browns
Dallas beats Chicago
Atlanta over Arizona
TB over Carolina (upset)
Detroit over Philly (upset)
Baltimore over Cincy
Tennessee over Pittsburgh
Seattle over Denver
Oakland over St Louis
Houston over Washington
Pats over Jets
Jacksonville over chargers (upset)
Indy over NYG
NO over SF

09-18-2010, 04:29 PM
My Picks:

Packers > Bills
Colts > Giants
Bolts > Jags
Bengals > Ravens
Browns > Chiefs
Pats > Jets
Titans > Steelers
Cards > Falcons
Cowboys > Bears
Eagles > Lions
Broncos > Seahawks
Raiders > Rams
Texans > Skins
Panthers > Bucs
Fins > Vikes
Saints > Niners

09-19-2010, 12:41 AM
My copypasta from another forum

Pittsburgh at Tennessee (-5) - Two teams that started 1-0. One looked really good, the other, not so much. Regardless, the Pitt defense looks to be incredibly healthy. They completely shut down Michael Turner. Now, I don't think Turner is Chris Johnson, but he isn't a slouch either. I honestly think Pitt can contain Chris Johnson (as much as one can). The game will fall onto the shoulders of Vince Young. I think Young is good enough to eek out a win, but I love Pitt +5.

Miami at Minnesota (-6) - This game is my lock of the week. I know, you think bias, but it's not. Minnesota has spent an entire offseason with one game circled on their schedule. A thursday rematch of the NFC championship. I don't know if I've ever seen Peterson run as hard as he ran in New Orleans. The Vikings had extraordinary play everywhere outside of the WRs. That was a huge emotional letdown for Minnesota. Now, Minnesota gets a home game after a huge letdown. They will be facing an elite offensive line that will make it difficult to get a lot of QB pressure. The Minnesota secondary is banged up. Pierre Thomas gashed the defense when I came in. An argument I've heard is that "Well, if New Orleans only scored 14 against them, and Miami could only put up 15 against Buffalo, then...". Well, the transitive property doesn't work in the NFL, or virtually any sport. Different coaches, different matchups, and certainly a different state of emotion here. I've been critical of Brandon Marshall, but I love him in this game, and I love the Miami backs. I don't think Peterson is going to have a huge gae, but you have to start him in any fantasy league. Miami pulls the upset here and the Vikings drop to 0-2.

Arizona at Atlanta (-6.5) - If I were to play in a survivor league, this would be my pick this week. Atlanta came off a devastating loss to Pitt in overtime after not having a great game. Arizona held on to beat a weak St. Louis team. Atlanta has playoff aspirations, and I think they'll feel a huge sense of urgency in this game. I love Atlanta to cover.

Baltimore at Cincinnati (+2.5) - Yes Headspace, you are reading this correctly. After beating Baltimore twice last season and after Baltimore has a rather poor sowing in a win last week, they have managed to be a road favorite against the team that swept the division just one year ago. How? Simply put...revenge. Both teams have improved on offense, but Cinci didn't look like their defense of yesteryear last week. The Ravens looked like classic Ravens. The second playoff team from last year starts 0-2 as Baltimore covers.

Kansas City at Cleveland (-2) - Another game I love. I really think KC is on the up and up. They looked pretty damn good (outside of Cassel) last week. How the hell did such a terrible QB do so well in NE? When the magnificent Brody Croyle gets behind center, this team is going to have playoff aspirations. If KC can handle SD on the road, I see no reason they can't take Cleveland at home. KC wins.

Chicago at Dallas (-7.5) - This is the huge spread, and it's an 0-1 favorite playing a 1-0 team. Dallas has to feel urgency in this game to prevent going into the 0-2 hole. 13%...I really like Dallas to get focused for this game and pull out a win. A big win. Dallas covers.

Philadelphia at Detroit (+6) - It looks like Vick will be starting this week, and god damned if he didn't look absolutely electrifying last week. This week, he plays a pretty week Detroit team. Even though the team isn't great, the Detroit front 7 isn't a bad crew. Vick may be on his feet a bit more than he was last week (which would be absurd with his 100+ yard rushing game last week). I like Suh to chase Vick all over the field, Suh fails to catch him and Vick runs away with a close game. Detroit +6.

Buffalo at Green Bay (-13) - It's a tarp! Buffalo has a really good secondary. Third against the pass last season iirc. Their weakness was the run, where they ranked in the bottom 3. Unfortunately, the Green Bay starter just went down for the year. I'm not saying Buffalo is going to win this game, especially on the road, but man, that's a huge spread. Green Bay to win, Buffalo +13.

Tampa Bay at Carolina (-3.5) - Vegas really has little to no faith in...well...whoever is starting at QB in Carolina. Tampa Bay may be one of the worst teams in the NFL and Carolina is only a 3.5 point home favorite. Well, I have a little more faith in Matt Moore than Vegas and a hell of a lot more faith in Dwill and Jstew. Carolina to win and cover.

Seattle at Denver (-3.5) - This may be the hardest pick for me this week. I raelly like Seattle. Last week, they were my upset special, and they came through. I love energetic "players" coaches in the first few weeks of the season. They do a very good job of making their team believe they are better than they really are. I'm going to reluctantly take Seattle to win this game outright.

St. Louis at Oakland (-3.5) - Oakland was everyone's surprise darling for a decent season. Now, after just one week, they are only managing a 3.5 point favorite against St. Louis at home? What happened in one week, did they look that bad? St. Louis didn't look bad, but let's be real. They were playing a weak defense that lost two of it's best players in the offseason. I think Bradford may have a little bit of a tougher time handling Oakland. I like Oakland to win and cover.

Houston at Washington (+3) - Two teams with some (somewhat) surprising wins last week. The Redskins defense showed that they're pretty damn good. Are they good enough to stop an Arian Foster than ran like a man on fire last week? Houston beat down an Indi team with very little from their passing game. Not that they needed it. Are we looking at an identity shift to balance for Houston? I think Washington really really wanted that home win against Dallas. Much more than Dallas. I think that was Shanahan's statement game. I think they may let down their guard this week. Houston wins and covers.

New England at NY Jets (+3) - This game started out as a 1.5 point spread to NE. Now it's 3. NE looked really really good against a really really good secondary. They don't really have to worry about NE's passing game, which one could argue is NE's weakness. Are the Jets going to play as bad as they did last week? I sure don't think so. Is Tom Brady going to look as sharp as he did last week? Yeah, I actually think so. I've voiced my opinion in other places regarding my assessment of how Moss is going to play. I think NE destroys the Jets in this game. The third playoff team from last season starts 0-2. Bring on the paper bags fireman ed.

Jacksonville at San Diego (-7) - After a disappointing loss to KC last week, the Chargers need to rebound to get out of that 0-2 hole. It isn't like the Chargers really played bad in this game. Rivers had a really good game and Matthews didn't look too bad in his opening affair. I think San Diego bounces back here and wins big. Noone in San Diego (or their stadium for that matter) see it.

NY Giants at Indianapolis (-5) - Manning bowl II? Right? Indianapolis hasn't started 0-2 since Manning's rookie season many moons ago. I really don't see Jacobs or Bradshaw pulling a Foster here. We've already gotten the Sanders injury out of the way, so that distraction is gone. Despite the G-men looking pretty damn good last week, I really can't see Indi dropping 2 strait after essentially pulling a 2007 Patriots last season. Indi wins and covers and we cut to Dungy and Archie masturbating in the NBC studios.


New Orleans at San Francisco (+5.5) - How the hell did New Orleans essentially get an almost 2 week break from football? They payed on Thursday last week and on Monday this week. That's a hell of a long layoff. That layoff coupled with the dreaded "Monday Night home underdog" that Vegas ****ing hates really starts to point toward a San Fran win here. I think Singletary gets his boys fired up for this game and pull off a monster monday night upset.

09-19-2010, 01:02 AM
dolphins over vikes
pats over jets
packers over bills
steelers over titans
ravens over bengals
browns over chiefs
texans over skins
colts over giants
chargers over jaguars
raiders over rams
broncos over seahawks
bears over cowboys
eagles over lions
falcons over cardinals
panthers over bucs
49ers over saints

09-19-2010, 09:01 AM
Dolphins over Vikings (homer glasses are on, because Vikings at home is a real tough task . . . but we will see)
Pats over Jets
Packers over Bills
Titans over Steelers
Bengals over Ravens
Chiefs over Browns
Skins over Texans
Colts over Giants
Chargers over Jags
Raiders over Rams
Broncos over Seahawks
Cowboys over Bears
Eagles over Lions
Falcons over Cardinals
Panthers over Bucs
Saints over 49ers

09-20-2010, 08:19 AM
I think I did pretty well! I can't believe no one picked the Jets over the Pats. The Pats looked good during the first half the Cinci game, but after that their defense was pitiful and the offense sputtered. The Pats are not going to be a powerhouse this season. (They will play the Dolphins tough as they always do and I predict that twe split the series as usual)

Falcons over Cardinals - Win

Bengals over Ravens (upset) - Win

Browns over Chiefs - Loss

Cowboys over Bears - Loss

Eagles over Lions - Win

Packers over Bills - Win

Titans over Steelers - Loss

Dolphins over Vikes - Win

Bucs over Panthers - Win

Broncos over Seahawks - Win

Raiders over Rams - Win

Jets over Pats - Win

Chargers over Jags - Win

Texans over Redskins - Win

Colts over Giants - Win

Saints over 49ers - TBD

So, overall I've gone 12-3 so far.