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09-21-2010, 04:38 PM
Not sure how many hiphop fans are out there - but i would love to get everyone's perspective on the following song. It's called Uncommon Valor (A Vietnam Story) and it's from a group called Jedi Mind Tricks.

For those of you who don't know - these guys are considered underground rap. Please don't mistake this for the garbage you hear on the radio or coming from the speakers of young kids cell phones as you walk down the street. This is more poetry than anything. Regardless of whether you respect rap music or not, i think the writing in this verse is incredible.

It's from a rapper named RA the Rugged Man and it's actually a true story based on his fathers life. I've included the lyrics to follow along as he raps kind of fast. Tell me what you think.

True story...
Call me Thorburn, John H. Staff Sergeant, Marksman
Skilling, killing, illing
I'm able and willing
Kill a village elephant, rapin' and pillage your village
Illegitimate killers, US Military guerillas
This ain't no real war, Vietnam ****
World War II, that's a war, this is just a military conflict
Soothing, drug-abusing, Vietnamese women screwing
Sex, gambling and boozin', all the **** is amusing
******* and guns, this is every man's dream
I don't want to go home, where I'm just a ordinary human being
Special OP, Huey chopper gun ship, run ****
Gook run when the mini-gun spit, won't miss, kill ****
Spit four-thousand bullets a minute
Victor Charlie, hit trigger, hit it
I'm in it to win it, get it
The lieutenant hinted the villain, I've ended up killing
I did it, cripple, did it, pictures I painted is vivid, live it
A wizard with weapons, a secret mission we about to begin it
Government funded, behind enemy lines bullets is spraying
It's heating up, a hundred degrees
The enemies the North-Vietnamese, ***** please
Ain't no sweat, I'm told be at ease.
Until I see the pilot got hit, and we about to hit some trees
till the rotor broke, crash land, American man
Cambodia, right in the enemy hand
Take a swig of the whiskey to calm us
Them yellow men wearing black pajamas
They want to harm us
They all up on us
Bang, bang, bullet hit my chest, feel no pain
To my left, the captain caught a bullet right in his brain
Body parts flying, loss of limbs, explosions
Bad intentions, I see my best friend's intestins
Pray to the one above, It's raining and I'm covered in mud
I think I'm dying, I feel dizzy, I'm losing blood
I see my childhood, I'm back in the arms of my mother
I see my whole life, I see Christ, I see bright lights
I see Israelites, Muslims and Christians at peace, no fights
Blacks, Whites, Asians, people of all types
I must have died, then I woke up, suprised I'm alive
I'm in a hospital bed, they rescued me, I survived
I escaped the war, came back
But ain't escape Agent Orange, two of my kids born handicapped
Spastic, quadriplegia, micro cephalic
Cerebral palsy, cortical blindness, name it they had it
My son died he ain't live, but I still try to think positive
Cause in life, God take, God give


09-21-2010, 06:50 PM
It's a pretty old song

but yeh, real dope track.. Jedi mind overall is a little violent for my taste though

01-13-2011, 01:28 AM
I am pretty it to the underground scene. Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Buck 65, Sage Francis, Felt, Non-phixion, Mars Ill, Dialated Peoples, J5, Cage, The Chicarones, Josh Martinez, Eyedea (rip), High and Mighty, Illogic, Mr. Lif, are some of the guys I like. Jedi Mind is nice too.