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I think this explains the team mold Parcells has believed in his entire career. Whether you are a supporter or protester of the philosophy this article describes the effect of a receiver on the philosophy. This read is about Randy Moss and the Pats but you can clearly see the underling similarities to the personnel and system that Parcells has used throughout is years as a coach and in the front office.

Moss: another shiny hood ornament wide receiver
Cold, Hard Football Fact sfor October 6, 2010

By Kerry J. Byrne
Cold, Hard Football Facts Rolls-Royce of gridiron analysts

There are a lot of long faces in New England today: the Patriots just dumped one of the most prolific receivers in the history of the game, trading Randy Moss to Minnesota for a third-round draft pick in 2011.

Admittedly, itís an odd fire-sale deal on the surface. Something happened behind the scene that hasnít been made public yet, and maybe never will.

But weíll leave the speculation to the talk-radio circuit, the factless blogosphere and the fervent fans, who, sadly, let their emotions cloud the crystalline wisdom of the Cold, Hard Football Facts.

And the Cold, Hard Football Facts are these: wide receivers, even the all-time great wide receivers, are little more than shiny hood ornaments on NFL offenses. The best teams throughout history might have looked better with one of these glossy hood ornaments glistening in the Sunday sun. But they never needed them to run well.


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That article was awful. For those who don't want to go and read it, basically it says that "correlation = causation."

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I didn't like this article.

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The article wasn't awful it just isn't what a lot of people want to hear. The numbers are solid, it is what it is.