View Full Version : Lookin ahead to next years lead....

12-15-2003, 09:31 PM
I run a fantasy league, consisting of my closest friends, and my family. As you immagine it gives you total bragging rights! :) But yeah, fantasy football is great. Over the last few years, we've worked out a near perfect point system. Seriously, a big day from your back, or your QB, won't win yout he game unless the rest of your team puts out, I really like our system.

ANYWAY, I was wondering what some of you do for your league? Here's a few idea's I was throwing out for next year....

1. I'm staring my own web page, so I can run it. Screw yahoo's no cut list (though it didn't hurt anyone this year). Does anyone know a GOOD fantasy football program?

2. We're of course, having a live draft, with a random order.

3. We've decided to try something new, and kind of do a small keeper league thing. We decided that we want a random order, and don't want a total keeper league, so we're letting every team keep ONE of their players. I'll have to choose between ricky, Tomlinson, Manning, and Ward. it'll prolly be Manning or Ricky, not sure which yet.

4. We're adding trade-able draft spots (can do since i'm getting my own league this year).

5. keeping the point system the same. if you want, I can post it, but if there's no demand, i won't bother :)

6. We're making it a little bit smaller roster. This is kind of risky, as you have bye weeks, and teams that have multiple players from one team could get SOL. So we'll see.

7. This is open for debate, I don't like it but....if someone is not played for 3 weeks, they are automatically on the trading block. However, there will be a vote to determine if the trade is equal (like we can't make a guy trade Manning for Fiedler or something).

What do you do in yoru league, that you think adds to the play-ablility?