View Full Version : Titans WR Kenny Britt involed in bar fight

10-22-2010, 01:53 PM
Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt took part in a bar brawl early Friday morning in downtown Nashville, and one of the men involved said there’s a “good chance” he will press charges against the second-year pro.

Police said a fight between Harold Pointer, 26, and Bradford Miser, 29, broke out in the bar area. Witnesses said Miser punched Pointer, and the two men fell to the ground. Britt allegedly joined in and hit Pointer.

Asked if he planned to press charges, Pointer said: “I am looking for a lawyer to pursue it.’’

Pointer said Britt and Miser were involved in another fight with another group of people. Pointer said he wasn’t involved in that fight, but Britt and Miser thought he was.

“Kenny came in and pointed right in my face and I pushed his hand out of my face,” Pointer said. “Then 20 minutes later I was standing at the bar and guy came in from out of the crowd and sucker-punched me, and that is when Kenny came in and jumped on top of me, too.

Pointer also said Titans running back Chris Johnson was present with another group of friends, but was not involved in the fight and was trying to be a peacemaker at the end.

“He wasn’t involved in it at all,” Pointer said. “He was like a model citizen, trying to get us to squash it, trying to tell us to let it go.’’