View Full Version : Hawaii almost back in the rankings game

10-25-2010, 02:03 PM

Nevada must have had a great week of football practice.

While Hawaii was winning by 38 points on the road, the Wolf Pack had a bye and still got more voting points than the Warriors did in all three polls.

Other than a No. 24 spot for Nevada in the Harris poll, we're talking the "Also Receiving Votes Category" for both teams. So it doesn't matter very much to most people outside of Hawaii and Reno. Neither team is going to a BCS bowl game even if it were to win out, including against Boise State.

But those who say being ranked and relative position don't mean anything have been listening to too many coaches and players; they deny it publicly, but know in their hearts that even a brief poll appearance during the season is beneficial.

It helps attendance, and it helps recruiting. It can even help donations.