View Full Version : Moscow's Super-Rich Turn Out for Millionaire Fair

10-27-2010, 08:09 PM

Once a year, Russia's nouveau riche make even more of a public spectacle of themselves than usual. Never is their conspicuous consumption more conspicuous than it was at last weekend's Millionaire Fair Moscow, where the world's most unnecessary and overpriced wares are gathered for the ogling pleasure of a few hundred elite Muscovites.

The sixth Millionaire Fair was held at the Moscow Manege, the Russian capital's most prestigious convention center, located in the middle of a public plaza adjacent to Red Square and the Kremlin. Fewer oligarchs were to be seen than in previous years, suggesting that the economic crisis may have had an impact even upon them. Indeed, according to reports, there were fewer multimillion-dollar items on display than at previous editions of the event, although the typical price tag was respectably excessive.