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11-10-2010, 11:20 AM
As the crazy season that has been in college football thus far rounds to the homestretch, at this point, who are your top four and what are your projected BCS bowl games at this stage? Make predictions on how you see things playing out over the next 3-4 weeks, and give me what you see the top four winding up being.

Here's my humble, yet not always accurate opinion of how I see things playing out.. As I present them, with my stellar history of projections (and yes, I'm being sarcastic), these picks are sure to go wrong. Anyhow..

My BCS as of right now:

1. Auburn
2. Oregon
3. TCU
4. Boise State

To me, I think Auburn gets the slightest of slight nods over Oregon and TCU because thus far, they've had the toughest schedule. They possess four wins over ranked teams (Mississippi State, Arkansas, LSU and South Carolina) and three of them are currently ranked in the top 20 in the BCS. Also, Kentucky and Clemson are quality wins, both appear bowl bound. In terms of paths to the title game, Auburn has the most difficult in my opinion, as they have Georgia, Alabama and concievably the SEC Championship Game left on their docket. If they run through that schedule, there's no question in my mind they deserve one of the two slots in the National Title Game. Question is, will they be able to get through that brutal schedule, and will the off-field distractions prove fatal for the Tigers in the home stretch?

As is, I have TCU at 2. You really could say they're 2 and Oregon's 2A, the gap is extremely close between the two and you could you could argue for either in the second spot. TCU's convincing 40 point win over then #5 Utah at Rice Eccles really solidified them as a National Title contender and put them into that #2 spot in my opinion. As is, if they can get past a good San Diego State team this week (7-2, bowl bound), they should finish the season unbeaten and have the clearest cut and easiest path (with apologies to SDSU) to an unbeaten record. After San Diego State, they get New Mexico, who has been one of college football's worst teams. Barring a monumental collapse, if they get past SDSU, they're running the table.

Oregon at three (or 2A if you will) faces a bit of a tough schedule down the stretch themselves, with Cal, Arizona and Oregon State left. While their road to the National Title Game isn't as tough as Auburn's, they finish off with three bowl bound teams, one of which is their arch rival. The Civil War is never an easy win.

With that said, here's my BCS Predictions (which of course are subject to change).

BCS National Title Game
Oregon vs. TCU

- In my scenario, Auburn loses the Iron Bowl, but bounces back and wins the SEC championship game, which they'll clinch their spot in with a win over Georgia this week. However, their loss to Bama will be enough to keep them out of the BCS Title Game in the eyes of the voters.

For TCU, wins over a pretty good San Diego State team and a rolling of New Mexico will do enough to make them the Butler of College Football, and make them the first BCS party crasher to make the National Title Game.

Oregon gets to the game by surviving a scare in the Civil War and against Arizona, and gains a convincing win over Cal this week.

This sets up a very intriguing matchup. TCU's top ten ranked defense vs. Oregon's high octane offense. Should be a good one.

Stanford vs. Wisconsin

- The Cardinal should have no issues finishing the season off with one loss, which barring an Oregon loss between now and then should be enough to get them an at-large bid in the BCS.

I see Wisconsin surviving the Big Ten mess and getting the automatic bid due to their head-to-head win over Ohio State, setting up this matchup.

Auburn vs. Boise State

- Auburn gets bounced by Alabama, however wins the SEC title game and gets the automatic bid against perennial BCS buster Boise State.

Talk about an intriguing matchup on paper. Cam Newton vs. Kellen Moore.. Boise State will have their work cut out for them against Newton and Auburn's explosive offense. With two high octane offenses, this should be a shootout.

Virginia Tech vs. LSU

- The Orange Bowl affiliation will stick them with Virginia Tech or whomever survives the ACC mess.

They'll make up for it by getting LSU as their at-large. The Tigers will narrowly edge out Ohio State for the final at-large bid. After going 0-2 to start the 2010 campaign, which included an embarrassing loss to James Madison, Virginia Tech has rebounded nicely by winning 7 straight and appears to be the best of a mediocre conference. It appears they'll be playing Florida State, Maryland or North Carolina in the ACC Title Game at this point and barring a letdown, should make their way into the BCS picture.

Pitt vs. Nebraska

- Talk about getting the short stick.. The Fiesta Bowl this season will almost have the Big East champ forced on them..

To make up for it, they get a one loss Nebraska, who will be playing their final game under the Big 12 banner. Ironic, they will go out as Big 12 champs and bowl winners repping the conference before bolting to the Big 10 in 2011.

In an ideal circumstance, I'd match Nebraska and LSU, putting the Big East and ACC champs against each other. However, in this case the conference tie ins will come back to haunt the Fiesta and Orange Bowls.

11-10-2010, 12:04 PM
The Big East is garbage. They shouldn't even be allowed to send a team to the BCS this year.

11-10-2010, 12:45 PM
The Big East is garbage. They shouldn't even be allowed to send a team to the BCS this year.

Truth be told, the Big East has been mediocre since Boston College, Miami and Virginia Tech left. The best BCS team they've had was probably Cincinnati last year, and we saw how "good" they were when stacked against actual competition.

If I had my way, I'd throw the ACC out of the mix too. Ohio State, Boise State, LSU, Alabama, hell even Iowa deserve BCS bids more than Virginia Tech.