View Full Version : Please Dolphins DRAFT A QB?!!

12-19-2003, 09:54 PM
I think alot of you will agree with me...the past few years have been forgetable when it comes to the draft...not to mention the regular season for us...Please this is a cry for help...draft for need 'phins....and the immediate need is a QB...Manning wont be available by the time we pick...but that Ben Roes. guy from Miami of Ohio looks outstanding...and Philip Rivers from N.C State...start grooming now...ive been a loyal fins fan since i could say go marino when i was five, and i long for the days when we have a Qb that can take over and win....a la Manning, Mcnabb...or at least NOT LOSE the game for us...i was a Fiedler supporter trying to look at his win percentage, and all the good he's done, but the bottom line is he doesnt win the ones he needs to, and when we need a big throw...we get it...right into the arms of the opposing team. Sorry Jay..its time for some new blood.