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12-21-2003, 02:48 AM
Draft Article #2
Andrew "Jaj" Benteyan

Well here is a turn of events. No not the Dolphins losing to the Eagles. The draft is shaking up.

In all likelihood a new coach will want his own players meaning that O-Gun is on his way out for a 1st rounder. No team will give a 1st and 3rd in all likelihood, but Barfallo will play ball give a high offer and get O-Gun or sink us into cap problems. Dolphins will surpise the Jills and let them have O-Gun for a very high contract and get our 15th overall pick. Another option Chicago at 12, Houston at 11, or Washington at 10. All very likely with Ogunleye's Pro Bowl status.

11th overall 1st rounder- Reg. Williams, has dropped down a bit, would be the biggest steal of a top WR possibly ever. Ready to produce on Chambers levels.

22nd overall- J.P. Losman, raw but super-talented and confident.

3rd round- Tony Pape, Jon Jansen clone, can help from Day 1.

4th round- Sopogoa, Hawaii: has burst and can help in pass rush situations and replace Bowens in the one gap role soon.

6th round- Keith Smith, McNeese State: small school guy, a steal, 4.4 speed and size. Will most probably rise above this round.

Here is my plan for FA.

Brunell signs a deal that gives him a total cap charge of 2.25m his first year. Dolphins re-sign a healthy Nails and place him at RG, and sign John Tait. Tait will be about 4m in his first year and Nails 1m if that. Yates plays LG and McKinney C with a bulked up Smith returning at LT, but not the blind-side tackle anymore.

The offense will then be completely set. Maybe sign a cut veteran WR like Muhsin Muhammed.

The most interesting possibility is that Bryan Thomas DE, Jets could be cut after a second crappy season. Miami really turns around DEs, and Thomas has the form and ability of Jason Taylor.

12-21-2003, 11:21 PM
i just hope it all works out that way, man. lol