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Instead of a pearl necklace, this broad ended up getting a diamond necklace ...
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Apparently the holiday season brings the penis out in some

In Wisconsin a postal carrier said he simply wanted to cheer
up a woman on his rounds who seemed "stressed out" so he
decided to deliver her mail naked.

He even told her he was going to do it. As a prank, I suppose.
But whether she took him seriously or not, there was no
doubting his sincerity when he showed up at her office wearing
only a smile and his mail bag.

Those wacky letter carriers.

The 52-year-old was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior
several days later.

But a much more hilarious situation occurred on a commuter
train in Scarsdale, New York.

A woman named Nicola Briggs was minding her own business on
the train when she noticed a man standing unusually close to

When she looked down she noticed he had his penis out and was
trying to rub it up against...

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Put your Penis away man..Damn...