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Heidi is a Virginia Opossum, which the Ohio Department of Natural Resources describes as "one of the oldest and most primitive species of mammal in North America. This animal is little changed from its ancestors 70 million years ago." Besides being the only marsupial to originate in North America, the species is most famous for giving rise to the phrase "playing possum," because they frequently react to threats by pretending to be dead.


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Possum Capital of the U.S.
In Chipley FL, which is the self-proclaimed Possum Capital of the U.S. there is an engraved bronze plaque commemorating the possum. It seems that during the depression when there was little to eat the abundance of possum in the vicinity allowed people to survive. This plaque tells the story.
My buddy who lives near there swears that whenever a possum is struck by a car anywhere in the US, the animal turns its body so that it head is pointing toward Chipley before it expires. [Henry Horrocks, 01/01/1997]
There is a granite monument to the Possum about five miles south of Chipley. According to the monument inscription, it was erected by the "Wausau Community Development Club" in 1982.Wausau, Florida - Possum Capital of the U.S.
The Annual Possum Festival & Funday on the first Saturday in August, is located in Wausau, FL, approximately 9 miles south of Chipley. While Chipley would gladly lay claim to the title, the citizens and town council of Wausau would be offended if we took such liberties. The Wausau Community Development Corp. works extremely hard each year to put on the festival and they should receive the kudos.
The festival features a Possum Queen
contest, Possum Auction and a host of other
activities. Crowds numbering well into the
thousands have been known to attend.

For what it is worth, the Federal government
has also recognized Wausau's role in
honoring the possum. The Possum Palace
was funded by the U.S. Congress.

Although a lot of this is, of course, done in
fun, there is a real historical basis behind it.
Many families throughout the Deep South
survived the hard times of America's Great
Depression and other such disasters by
hunting possums and other wildlife for food.

If you've never tried them, baked possum and
sweet potatoes are delicacies never to be

The Possum Monument is located in
downtown Wausau on Highway 77, 10 miles
south of Chipley.