View Full Version : Recidivist Counter-Revolutionary Pig Dog Brigade

01-16-2011, 12:44 AM
In case the title of this thread isn't perfectly clear, these people are supposed "fans" whose entire purpose on this Dolfan forum seems to be to degrade or otherwise be hostile to every coach, player, executive, or activity made by the team. In short, the actual state of their fandom can be legitimately called into question. In the interest of fairness, any quest to add a poster must be backed by five threads within the last six months where the poster is consistently negative about the team (the only exception will be those individuals I initially post). Likewise, any person added may petition to be removed from the list by providing five threads where they are consistently positive about the team (fan club threads DO NOT count).

And the lucky first two are:

X-Pocalypse (BIH)

Congrats, wear your new badge with pride.