View Full Version : Signing Day No Longer Set in Stone

02-01-2011, 03:21 PM
The first Wednesday in February is the first day that high school players across the country can officially announce their college plans by signing a letter of intent. Athletes often stage televised news conferences and announce their college choice by selecting from an assortment of the teams’ hats.

But the very best recruits — including Jadeveon Clowney, a defensive end from South Carolina who is widely considered the nation’s top high school player — have increasingly delayed their signing-day decision for days or even weeks. The prospects have cited different factors in their decision to wait, including scheduling issues that make it difficult to visit colleges. Or perhaps the reason is to make more headlines.
Regardless, the outcome is that signing day is no longer the only day for signing.

“I think it’s a sense of entitlement these kids have now because of the attention given to them,” Tom Lemming, a recruiting analyst for CBS College Sports Network, said in a telephone interview. “It used to happen infrequently. Now a lot of the top kids are taking their time and waiting. Part of the reason is it gives them their special day to announce and make it their special day.”