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PSU Cane
04-03-2011, 09:49 PM
Obviously, i'm hoping the Dolphins trade down b/c i think they have a LOT of needs and have to recoup that 2nd round pick they gave to Denver for Marshall. I'm a HUGE fan of Carimi, Jordan Cameron and Austin Pettis. For every mock i would love to include all 3 guys, but i spread them out for conversation sake. I also went heavy on offense b/c it was terrible last year and getting guys back like AJ Edds and Odrick, who didn't play last year, is almost like already having 2 defensive draft picks in the bag already. That being said, i have 2 scenarios....

1st one: Dolphins trade down from #15 to early-mid 20's and pick up a late 2nd round pick.

1 - Gabe Carimi - OT Wisconsin
2 - Stefen Wisniewski - C/OG Penn State
3 - Jordan Todman RB UCONN
4 - Austin Pettis - WR Boise State
5 - Rashad Carmichael - CB Virginia Tech
6 - Ricardo Lockette - WR Fort Valley State
7 - TJ Yates - QB UNC
7- Karl Klug - DE Iowa

Carimi is NFL ready at RT and allows us to kick Carey in to RG, strengthening 2 OL spots. Wisniewski can add depth at C/G or step up and start if Jerry or Incognito fail. Todman is a speedster we lack at RB, and although not huge, we rotate backs anyway....we'll still need to sign a vet, maybe a guy like Deangelo Williams. Pettis will push Hartline and Carmichael will add depth at CB where there is none. Lockette is a speed guy we can groom. Yates may not fall that far, but if he does, he adds an experienced young guy to throw in at #3 if we don't sign a vet....or do sign a vet and trade Henne or Thigpen. Klug is an effort guy i love who could at depth at DE.

2nd one: Dolphins trade down from #15 to mid-late 1st and pick up a late 2nd round pick. They then trade that 1st round pick to a team picking early in Round #2 looking to jump back up for Mallet, Ingram (if he drops once Miami moves back), or someone else....and for this, they receive early 2nd and 3rd round picks.

2 - Brandon Harris - CB Miami
2 - DeMarco Murray - RB Oklahoma
3 - Titus Young - WR Boise State
3 - Jordan Cameron - TE USC
4 - John Moffitt - C/OG Wisconsin
5 - Pat Devlin - QB Delaware
6 - Tori Gurley - WR South Carolina
7 - Jah Reid - OT UCF
7- Karl Klug - DE Iowa

Brandon Harris gives us another starting CB opposite Davis, which we need against NE. He's good both in coverage and against the run....a real solid DB. Murray is a guy who i think still has his best years ahead of him now that he's been healthy for a year and gains more confidence in his knee. He has great speed and is a FORCE in the pass game. We would still need a veteran back to go with him, like Deangelo Williams. Titus Young would give us the outside speed weapon opposite Marshall to help go deep. Jordan Cameron is a SICK athlete....great hands, fast, and incredible leaping ability. I don't think there are many LBs in the league who'd be able to handle him. I don't care if he hasn't played much or needs to improve his blocking, he's a matchup nightmare. Moffitt adds depth at C and G and Devlin adds a smart, young QB to groom who won't challenge Henne anytime soon or shake his confidence. Gurley has a ton of potential (came out too early imo), Reid adds quality depth at RT in case Carey isn't healed, and Klug is a nice effort guy to add depth at DE.
Free Agents:
Scott Tolzien - QB Wisconsin
Brian DiMarco - FB South Carolina
Julian Vandervelde - OG Iowa
Ryan Pugh - C Auburn
Kris Adams - WR UTEP
Allen Reisner - TE Iowa
Allen Bradford - RB USC
Chase Reynolds - RB Montana
Ryan Hill - CB/S Miami
Anthony Leon - LB Arkansas
Stephen Franklin - ILB Southern Illinois
Preston Dial - FB/TE Alabama

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Good job.

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they said that carrey wont be kicked inside

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We're a little over 3 weeks away from the draft and there is no way that a CBA will be in place by then so you can forget about undrafted free agents, can't sign them with the lockout.

I don't like either draft and I'll say that I'm no T.J. Yates fan, never have been, and I'm not onboard with all the stuff that ck has wrote about him. I've seen the guy play for the last 4 years and he seems to find a way to lose games more often than he wins them but there's no way he falls to the 7th round. It's not going to happen. I'll be surprised if he makes it past the 5th round.