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04-07-2011, 11:19 AM
Heavy beer drinkers have an increased risk of gastric cancer, especially if they possess a certain gene variant, a new study suggests.

People who drink two to three beers a day for many years have a 75 percent increased risk of gastric cancer, and those who have the gene variant called rs1230025 but aren't heavy drinkers have a 30 percent higher risk of gastric cancer, compared with people who drank less than a beer daily, the study showed.

But people who are both chronic heavy beer drinkers and possess rs1230025 have a more than 700 percent increased risk of gastric cancer compared with people who consume less than one drink a day and don't have the gene variation, said study researcher Eric Duell, a senior epidemiologist at the Catalan Institute of Oncology in Barcelona, Spain. The gene variant is common and is present in about 20 percent of the general population, he said.

However, wine and liquor don't seem to carry the same gastric cancer risks, Duell said.

"The share of the risk from total alcoholic beverages seems to be dominated by the alcohol contributed from beer consumption," Duell told MyHealthNewsDaily. "Consumption of wine and liquor did not show elevated risk of gastric cancer," which could be because heavy drinkers may be more likely to drink beer than other alcoholic beverages.


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Not a'feared. :up:

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Seriously....everything in this damn planet give you cancer. Why can't they just say that we're born with it and certain things trigger it for certain people.