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04-08-2011, 04:05 AM
This is the first year in a long while I haven't had a preference to who I'd like the Dolphins to take. By preference I mean players who would have a chance to fall to the Fins. Last year I was hoping like hell Earl Thomas would fall to us and dreaming of a good young secondary to counteract the pass happy league the NFL has become and to matchup with our biggest threat in the division. It was no surprise to me when the Fins opted for 2 solid players over 1 potential difference maker. So goes the draft as a Fins fan.

The only time in recent memory I can recall them taking a player I wanted them to take where they took them was Vontae Davis. Even the Fins couldnt screw that pick up. Any CB who can do 20+ bench reps and still run a good 40 and get them with the 25th pick must've been a no brainer. This year I find myself unenthusiastic about the prospects that will likely be available. Who would you guys/girls like to see drop to the Fins?

04-08-2011, 08:29 AM
I "was" secretly hoping for Robert Quinn but after his Pro Day that would be amazing if he fell. I also would grab Prince at 15 if he fell (or trade down . . . but the offer would have to be good for me to pass up on a top CB like Prince . . . I rather take him and have more secondary options, even moving a Vontae or Smith to FS if need be).

My new guy I am hoping for is Blaine Gabbert. I wasn't very high on him early on . . . but after watching him more. . . he seems like the type of QB this regime is looking for. Smart, athletic, good arm, ideal height, has a little swag in his game . . . but it will be a transition because he was primarily spread at Mizzou and as reports have stated the deep ball accuracy hasn't been there and that is something we "want" any potential QB prospect to be good at as Henne has struggled with his deep ball.

Hell, I would take Jake Locker at 15 . . . I mean QB in general is not a bad pick there. Not really as high as Mallet as most are . . . something isn't right there, but if we take him . . . hey I'm fine with it as I am with Cam Newton.

Obviously if Mark Ingram made it to 15 and his knee checks out . . . I am perfectly content with him at 15. Same goes for AJ Green or Julio Jones. I am good with any of those 3 elite offensive non QB skill players (the only 3 ELITE skill guys in this draft).

The worst scenario in this draft to me goes back to that "Top 14 . . . No Ingram or Mallet (or Locker)" thread . . . when the Dolphins best options are Christian Ponder, Mike Pouncey and Gabe Carimi. I would take Ponder there if I can't trade down, because I don't want a OLineman who isn't watching my QB's blindside in 2011 with the 15th pick. Pouncey and Carimi are the only 2 guys I would stomach if we made the selection because of Pouncey's potential as an elite LG and Carimi's versatility and ability as a RT. I guess Ryan Kerrigan wouldn't be the worst pick either (depending who is on the board).

This draft spot for Miami absolutely SUCKS. Trading down seems ideal.

04-08-2011, 09:46 AM
Gosh there is always so many players i want us to draft and we pass on every year(Randy Moss, Corey Dillion). In 2002 the phins needed a receiver and QB. Prior to the draft, I was hoping for us to draft Reggie Wayne in the first round, and unexpectingly Drew Brees was available. They couldnt screw that up right, umm yeah they could, jamar fletcher?? Last year it was Dez Bryant or Earl Thomas and Mike Williams, it remains to be seen if Odrick and Misi was the right move.

This year, the players that im hoping we get in the early rounds and that i think will be available are Ryan Mallett, Mark Igram and Leonard Hankerson.

Aqua and Orange
04-08-2011, 10:19 AM
My draft preference this year...hell for the past 5 years...has been for the team to draft a QB in the first round and really commit to him.

This year, the QBs on my man crush list are Gabbert, Mallett, and Ponder. I would be happy with Newton too, but I don't see any possibility of him falling to a spot where even we could trade up and get him.

When the Dolphins inevitably pass on one of those QBs at 15, I would still hope to get one of those players in a trade down. When THAT doesn't happen...I will do my yearly ritual of cursing the Dolphins and watching them humorously try to spin to the fans that a player like Nathan Enderle in the 4th round is in any way addressing the QB spot that has been a black hole the past 10+ years.

Out of those QBs I mentioned, the one I have winning my annual "holy crap, this guy developed into a star and the Dolphins passed on him" award is Christian Ponder.