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01-03-2004, 07:27 AM
Talking with ... Scott McEwen, Lions Director of College Scouting
By Mike O'Hara / The Detroit News

Q. You have some all-star games coming up for the top college players. How important are they in the scouting process?

A: It’s an extra look. Take the Senior Bowl. There’s a cornerback (Ricardo Colclough) down there at Tusculum. He’s going to be playing with the big boys. You see how he reacts, how he adjusts. You see him mix up with the big boys.

Q: Where the heck is Tusculum?

A: It’s north of Knoxville (in Greeneville, Tenn).

Q: You don’t spend much time then with the regular bowl games?

A: We get all the tapes. We look at them if we need extra looks. The big schools, what I call the “A” schools — the three-look schools — we go out there. We’ll make sure we get three or four looks. We try to set it up where it’s early, middle and late (in the year). Games like the Rose Bowl, I don’t know if there’s that much importance. We’ve already done the work.

Q: And you’ve already scouted those players a lot, anyway. Isn’t making sure the players come out of those games healthy the most important thing?

A: Right. If they get injured, it might screw them up in the combine, and they’re not going to be able to work. We take that into consideration.

Q: How many players have you actually scouted, as an organization?

A: Let me check my files. (Pause.) We have graded and looked at 784 players right now.

Q: There’ll be a few more between now and the draft?

A: Yes. The juniors who come out will add to that.

Q: Have you accumulated most of the information for the 2004 draft?

A: Pretty much — until these juniors declare. They always beef up the top part of the draft. That’s because they’re the good ones. They don’t come out unless they’re good.

Q: When you scout the all-star games — the East-West and the Senior Bowl — what does it mean in grading a player?

A: It helps a player, but you should never use the bowl game to hurt a player. Never let a bowl game downgrade a player for you from what he’s done for the whole season.

Q: What is the importance of the combine workouts in Indianapolis in February?

A: You finalize your measurables. The biggest thing is the medical exams down there.

Q: How important is production in your evaluations?

A: It’s production to me. If you’ve got a guy who has all the measurables, if he doesn’t produce, what does it mean?

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