View Full Version : Anyone see the Providence vs texas game?

01-06-2004, 12:32 AM
Providence loses b/c they go by the light instead of the clock? That is a dumb rule. You should go by the clock... the same clock you start the game with, and stop the time with on time outs and when the ball goes out of bounds.

But if you didn't see it it went down like this. Seconds left texas runs down the court, and the guy throws up a layup. The ball is in his hands with 0.0 seconds, but for some reason the light didn't go out.... like it should when time runs out. But anyway, 0.0 ball still in his hands, it leaves his hands, and then tenths of seconds later the light goes on. By now the ball is out of his hands.

On ref went over and told the pc coach the basket would not count. Yet they get together and decide the basket counts?