View Full Version : Staring new workout

06-10-2011, 02:57 AM
I am going to take it easy next week since I have been going at it pretty hard for the last two and half months and then I am gonna start a new workout that is supposed to show results fast. I will life 5 days a week and do something like this.

Wednesday----Triceps and Biceps

Week one--------09 sets/10 reps/02 min rest between sets
Week two--------12 sets/12 reps/90 seconds rest between sets
Week three------15 sets/15 reps/01 min rest between sets

After three weeks of this, it should put me very close to over training.

Week four-------09 sets/10 reps/03 min rest between sets
Week five--------12 sets/12 reps/03 min rest between sets
Week six---------15 sets/15 reps/03 min rest between sets

These three weeks are recovery weeks so to speak.

I shall let you guys know how it goes. I am gonna cut down on the cardio a bit but still plan to do at least a little five days a week unless it proves to be too much with all the weightlifting. I have only been lifting three days a week but I still have about 13 pounds of tummy to lose so...................................