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US Airways has acknowledged that less than a week before having a college student arrested for allegedly refusing to hike up his saggy pants while boarding, the airline allowed a man wearing little more than women’s underwear, black thigh-high stockings and heels to fly.

On June 16, University of New Mexico football player Deshon Marman was removed from a US Airways flight at San Francisco International Airport and arrested for refusing to follow crew members’ requests to hike up his saggy pants.

Now there are reports showing that six days before the saggy-pants incident, the airline allowed a man to board a flight in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., wearing an outfit that consisted, mostly, of women’s underwear and a short, see-through, cover-up shirt.


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Uh oh.. is that not allowed??


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Well I GUESS that the dude in the women's clothing was allowed to fly because there is very few places he could hide a weapon without it being noticed... Provoded of course you would want to look long enough to notice a weapon.

Where as the guy with the saggy pants could look like he is carrying a weapon of some sort. But if the airline didn't pat him down first and just "assumed" he was carrying a weapon because of his "style" he could have a lawsuit on his hands now because they let the drag queen fly.

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wow. how hot is he

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Hahaha I was just looking at the pic shaking my head and I thought, "That carpet looks way familiar...is that...FLL?"

Sure enough it is.


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Wow. :bobdole:

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Hahaha I was just looking at the pic shaking my head and I thought, "That carpet looks way familiar...is that...FLL?"

Sure enough it is.


not to many airports you have not been to in the bigger cites I bet huh.

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Late yesterday, readers sent msnbc.com more photos of the flashy-flier and pointed out videos of him that have been posted on YouTube. The San Francisco Chronicle also published an interview with the photogenic passenger on the condition that it not publish his name.

It turns out he’s a business consultant who flies as a preferred customer on US Airways and often dresses in female clothing to make business travel more fun. "It has never been my intent to put people in a situation where they feel uncomfortable," the man told the Chronicle during a phone interview. "I try to respect other people's opinions. As long as my dress is not indecent from a legal perspective, and so long as the airline does not object, I have the right to wear what I wear. And others have the right to wear what they want to wear."

The man told the Chronicle that he thought his fellow fliers' photos were for personal use, not public distribution.


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I thought you had to fly with pants on atleast? I know if I was the saggy pants kid, I would seriously start looking into some racial discremnation lawyers for the hell of it.

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Like I said in the other thread. This had nothing to do with underwear and everything to do with the disdain some have for the culture that saggy jeans represents. This is proof of that, in my opinion.