View Full Version : For These Newlyweds, "Til Death Do Us Part" Should Come Sooner Than Later!

06-28-2011, 02:27 PM

A pair of accused killers in a California prison face severe sentences, but that didn't stop them from exchanging wedding vows.

Iftekhar Murtaza and Marissa Star Bilotti, both busted for unrelated murders, got married Monday in a bizarre jailhouse ceremony, the Orange County Register reported.

Murtaza, who has been in prison since 2007, is accused of kidnapping the father and sister of an ex-girlfriend, assaulting them, then burning their bodies.

The 26-year-old faces the death penalty for the heinous murders.

Bilotti allegedly helped her ex-boyfriend kill a man last year. She could end up spending up to 32-years behind bars.

The two met one another through a series of letters while in prison, the OC Register reported.

Bilotti first began writing Murtaza in January, through the insistence of another female inmate. The two were soon writing constantly, up to six times a day.

The prison pair have only met via brief visits. They were always separated by glass and have never even touched. Each are housed in separate wings of the jail in Santa Ana.

Even on their special day, they were kept apart by a cement wall. They exchanged vows over the phone in the visitors' room, with the reverend who performed the wedding separated from the alleged murderers by glass.

Murtaza wore his yellow prison uniform, while Bilotti was garbed in the standard issue blue jumpsuit.

"They looked just like any other pretty, young couple you've ever seen get married," the only guest at the nuptials, Bilotti's attorney, Dick Herman, told the OC Register.

Murtaza was not allowed to kiss his 20-year-old bride.