View Full Version : Prime Time vs TerryTate: 3rd meeting

01-06-2004, 09:48 PM
I decided to use the Broncos (my competition team in the tourney) against prime time....

Needless to say for my first use of Denver i didnt do too hot, as he stuck around, he drove downfield and I stopped him on 4th down with about 20 seconds to go from my 3 yard line....

I run Clinton Portis to run out the clock, it is 20-17, Portis fumbles, Prime Time Luck recovers it, and returns it into the endzone, game over....

F*ck the Broncos....

PRime Time FYI if I used the Dolphins the game would not have been close ;)

Congrats on your (lucky) win....

01-06-2004, 09:50 PM
hahaha, and he decided to stop the game after the TD to run his mouth too about that lucky fumble :lol:

Prime Time it mustve been your birthday :lol:

Prime Time
01-06-2004, 10:41 PM
Luck? Luck? Pleaseeee get out of here. Let me tell the people what really happened. I drove down field, and got to the 5 yard line. 1st play I decide to run the ball, I get stuffed. Second down, got stuffed. 3rd down I try a pass but incomplete. 4th down, I pick my play. Then I call a timeout because I figured a play I wanted. I see that he has Moss in doulbe coverage so I switch the play to Campbell's side. I throw it, it hits Campbell in the hands but he gets hit and drops it. Then he has ball on his own 5. Runs the ball, stuffed...Timeout me. Next play, runs the ball...I press R2, he fumbles...Denard Walker picks up the ball and walks in. If you are going to call the fumble luck, call the drop by Campbell luck too. Either way, you lost. Sit down!!!!

01-06-2004, 10:44 PM
lol, i was staying tuned to that game, last i saw you guys were tied in the 3rd.....wow, talk about a good game.....and I never wouldve thought PT would win, WTG PT.

01-06-2004, 10:45 PM
you threw the ball to a 3rd or 4th reciever with a guy right on him, do u expect him to hold onto the ball, you benefited from a BS fumble when i was running out the clock, i fumbled in a time in the game where the RB ALWAYS has both arms wrapped around the ball....you benefited from something that almost NEVER happens IRL, but the one time it did, you got it and were lucky....

I stopped you 4 times when you had the ball inside the 5 in the waning seconds, for the game to give you a fumble like that with 18 seconds left just ticks me off beyond all belief...

Prime Time
01-06-2004, 10:46 PM
Yes, Yes, give me my props Preda. I deserve them especially since you have been bashing my Defense so much lately. Well now they come up with a key play to win the game. BTW, Denard Walker was Player of the Game...5 Tackles, 1 FR, 1 TD :D

01-06-2004, 10:49 PM
I thought the Broncos defense was good when i picked them....

they blow :(

Prime Time
01-06-2004, 10:53 PM
Originally posted by TerryTate

I stopped you 4 times when you had the ball inside the 5 in the waning seconds, for the game to give you a fumble like that with 18 seconds left just ticks me off beyond all belief...

Deal with it....and SIT DOWN!

01-06-2004, 10:54 PM
just wait and see what others say that have lost to you in asimilar manner, i dont see you blowing out other opponents or whatnot, you win when lady luck gets on your side.........

and thats the reality of it....

Prime Time
01-06-2004, 10:59 PM
And??? A win is a win my friend. Does not matter If it is one point or 1000 points. A Win is a win. If Luck will give me wins, then give me all the Luck in the world. I have now beaten everyone on this site/division/league. I beat Preda (awesome goalline stand to win that one...remember that, that was an awesome game), I beat Baz (more than once), I have beaten 984, I have beaten Mee, I have beaten ST, I have beaten Ice, and now I have a W against you, TT.

01-07-2004, 02:18 AM
I've beaten you by over 70 points in a game Prime Time, and you were a George fumble from me beating you in the last game.