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Keith Moon

Volumes upon volumes have been written about the waste laid upon hotels by The Who, a band known for its ability to trash rooms as much as for its exuberant music. The group exploded rhythmic energy and its most reckless member was Keith Moon. Moon’s boyish violence of hitting and destroying things was exhibited not only in rock, but in his propensity for using cherry bombs and dynamite to blow up toilets… lots of them. “We got thrown out of every hotel we ever stayed in,” The Who’s guitarist Pete Townshend once said. One time, Moon said he forgot something on the way to the airport, insisted on returning to the hotel, ran to his room, threw the television set out into the pool, and legendarily sighed, “I nearly forgot.” On August 23, 1967, his 21st birthday, he set in motion a now-mythical spree at the Holiday Inn in Flint, Michigan. Though we can’t ascertain fact from legend, Moon claimed to have driven a Lincoln Continental into the hotel pool. But his antic spirit, fueled by alcohol and drug addiction, is also a warning to all celebrity irresponsibility. Eleven years later, Moon died at 32.

George Shultz
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Speechwriter Christopher Buckley traveled to Paris with then-Vice President George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of State George Shultz in the late ‘80s. As he reported in Forbes (via MSNBC) years after the trip, they were all staying at the Hôtel de Crillon when Bush’s entourage members noticed their rooms didn’t have any towels and had to dry off with toilet paper. Eventually, the hotel staff finally handed over a few towels, but they allegedly weren’t happy about it. Why? Shultz and his staffers had reportedly taken a significant number of the hotel’s luxurious monogrammed towels.

Salvador Dalí
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“There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad,” Salvador Dalí famously said. The surrealist master was always in complete control of his brimming imagination, and he had a taste for the excessive. Dalí, for example, took his two pet ocelots, Babou and Bouba, everywhere. One could imagine what the wild cats could do to the Suite Royal at the Le Meurice in Paris, where Dalí would stay at least one month each year. The ocelots shredded furniture and sprayed urine everywhere. When Dalí checked out of the Meurice, the hotel’s website still boasts, “staff had to completely repaint the Suite Royale because his two tame ocelots particularly loved the carpets!” On one occasion at the St. Regis in New York, Dalí ordered room service: He wanted a horse, The Independent reported.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp
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Early on the morning of September 13, 1994, police were called to New York's Mark Hotel, where they found Johnny Depp and his then-girlfriend Kate Moss sitting amid a pile of debris in the $1,200-per-night presidential suite. Depp reportedly blamed the vandalism on an armadillo that he said had been hiding in his closet, but no one ever found the alleged creature. The couple was billed $9,767 for the damages, People magazine reported. Coincidentally, Roger Daltrey, former singer for The Who, was staying next to Depp and Moss at the time. The rock star told People later: "On a scale of one to 10, I give him a one. It took him so bloody long. The Who could've done the job in one minute flat."

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It's funny that they just have to pay for damages and walk away. Anyone that is not famous would be charged and arrested.