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07-06-2011, 03:18 PM
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Knuckleballer R. A. Dickey (l.) is one of the most popular Mets around. His comeback story and beard are likely two of the reasons why. A similar beard, and face, belongs to actor Timothy Busfield, who you may remember as Ray Kinsella's brother-in-law in "Field of Dreams" or White House reporter Danny Concannon from the NBC series "The West Wing."

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These Jersey Boys share more than fame in The Garden State. Former Jets backup quarterback Ray Lucas (l.) and Newark mayor Cory Booker have the same look going for them.

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Can you smeeeeeeeeellllll what Freddy Garcia is cooking? Garcia says the American League is full of jabronis. Garcia, the People's Champion, may give someone on the Red Sox (or a team the Yankees actually stand up to) a People's Elbow. Oh wait, those are The Rock's catchphrases from his WWE days. We got confused since Garcia and the wrestler-turned movie star, born Duane Johnson, look so much alike.

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Matt Howard's hard work on the boards got Butler to back-to-back NCAA championship games. Losing those title tilts to Duke and UConn, respectively, may not have been funny. But if anyone can find the humor in it, it's Saturday Night Live cast member Andy Samberg (r.), the Butler center's mirror image.

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How about something else to make you Scream? Former Yankees outfielder Shelley Duncan (l.), who signed as a free agent with the Cleveland Indians in 2010, looks an awful lot like actor Matthew Lillard, who played Stuart in mid-90's thriller "Scream." No word on whether their voices sound alike over the phone and muffled by white masks.

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Whose face is it anyway? Michigan State guard Kalin Lucas (l.) brings Tom Izzo and the Spartans all the way to the 2009 national championship game before losing to North Carolina. Maybe they lost because he was tired from doing all that standup comedy - oh wait, that's his double, Wayne Brady!

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Canadian point guard Steve Nash (l.), one of the NBA's best playmakers dishing assists for the Phoenix Suns, could have had one heck of a movie career. Or does he already? We almost can't tell the difference between Nash and actor Jack Earle Haley (r.), who plays charismatic vigilante Rorshach in the movie "Watchmen," an action-packed graphic novel converted to the big screen.

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Good work...............

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:lol: at the Andy Samberg one....they look identical

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:lol: at the Andy Samberg one....they look identical
I thought that too. They looked really similar.

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:err: Errrrrrrrr....


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Ryne Sandberg / Donnie Osmond


Jim Thome / Mr. Incredible

Bearded Johnny Damon / Geiko caveman


Chris Bosh / Snoop Dogg


John Salmons / Wesley Snipes

07-07-2011, 12:34 PM
Mike Tomlin and Omar Epps


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Kanye West and Steve Urkel

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I'm Wayne Brady *****!