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Historical Events on 18th July

1536 - Pope's authority declared void in England
1630 - Spanish troops occupy Mantua
1743 - 1st half-page newspaper ad is published (NY Weekly Journal)
1768 - Boston Gazette publishes "Liberty Song," America's 1st patriotic song
1864 - President Lincoln asks for 500,000 volunteers for milt service
1870 - Pontifical infalliability proclaimed
1872 - Britain introduces secret ballot voting
1882 - Louisville Tony Mullane is 1st to pitch righty then lefty
1913 - After 68 straight innings Christy Mathewson gives up a walk
1914 - US army air service 1st comes into being, in Signal Corps
1918 - US & French forces launch Aisne-Marne offensive in WW I
1921 - Black Sox trial begins in Chicago
1923 - England's House of Lords accepts new divorce law
1925 - Hitler publishes Mein Kampf
1927 - Ty Cobb's 4,000th career hit
1931 - 1st air-conditioned ship (Mariposa) launched
1932 - US & Canada sign a treaty to develop St Lawrence Seaway
1936 - Spanish Civil War begins, Gen Francisco Franco led uprising
1938 - Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan arrives in Ireland-left NY for Calif
1940 - 1st successful helicopter flight, Stratford, Ct
1940 - Democratic Convention nominates FDR for a 3rd term
1944 - Arne Andersson runs world record 1 mile (4:01.6)
1947 - King George VI signs Indian Independence Bill
1947 - President Truman signs Presidential Succession Act
1951 - Uruguay accepts its constitution
1951 - Jersey Joe Walcott at 37 becomes oldest to win heavyweight champion
1959 - 1st black to win a major golf tournament (William Wright)
1960 - Baseball's NL votes to add Houston & NY franchises
1962 - Minn is 1st AL team to hit 2 grand slams in an inning as Bob Allison
1966 - Carl Sagan turns 1 billion seconds old
1968 - The Intel Corporation is founded in Santa Clara, California
1972 - Egypt president Sadat throws 20,000 Russian military aids out
1972 - Mike Procter 8-73 with hat-trick, plus 51 & 102, Gloucs v Essex
1974 - US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
1974 - World's tallest structure, 646-m Polish radio mast, completed
1975 - Jury can't decide on trial of Dave Forbes of Boston Bruins (1st athlete indicted for excessive violence during play)
1976 - Nadia Comăneci became the first person in Olympic Games history to score a perfect 10 in gymnastics at the 1976 Summer Olympics.
1977 - Vietnam becomes member of UN
1978 - Billy Martin suspends Reggie Jackson for not bunting
1980 - Federal court voids Selective Service Act as it doesn't include women
1981 - Part of Hyatt Regency Hotel KC caves in (113 killed)
1983 - Despite being in 1st place in NL East, Phils fire manager Pat Corrales
1984 - James Huberty kills 21 McDonald's patrons in San Ysidro Calif
1984 - Walter F Mondale wins Democratic presidential nomination in SF
1987 - NY Yanks Don Mattingly ties record of HRs in 8 cons games
1988 - Abu Nidal terrorists kill 9 on City of Poros cruise ship
1991 - Florida Marlins' logo unveiled
1992 - Singers Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown marry
1994 - Bomb attack on Jewish center AMIA in Buenos Aires, 86 killed
1994 - Comet Shoemaker-Levy collides with Jupiter
1994 - Court upholds NBA salary cap and draft rights
1994 - Crayola announces introduction of scented crayons
1994 - Houston Astros tie NL comeback record, trailing 10-0, beat Cards 15-12


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Historical Events on 19th July

1545 - King Henry VIII's flagship Mary Rose sinks at Portsmouth; 73 die
1551 - Treaty of Karlsburg: arch duke Ferdinand of Austria recognized as king of Hungary/Transsylvania
1553 - 15-year-old Lady Jane Grey deposed as England's Queen after 9 days
1674 - Court of Holland bans books of Hobbes/Spinoza/Meyer
1799 - A group of Napoleon Bonaparte's soldiers discover what is now known as The Rosetta Stone, enabling the translation of hieroglyphics for the first time.
1848 - 1st US women's rights convention (Seneca Falls NY)
1860 - 1st railroad reaches Kansas
1866 - Tennessee is 1st to ratify 14th Amendment, guaranteeing civil rights
1867 - Congress passed 3rd Reconstruction Act over Pres Andrew Johnson's veto
1870 - France declares war on Prussia; Franco-Prussian war begins
1875 - Emma Abbott, a floating hospital for sick kids, makes trial trip, NYC
1877 - 1st Wimbledon Mens Tennis: Spencer W Gore beats Marshall (61 62 64)
1879 - Doc Holliday kills for the first time after a man shoots up his New Mexico saloon.
1913 - Billboard publishes earliest known "Last Week's 10 Best Sellers among Popular Songs" Malinda's Wedding Day is #1
1927 - Ty Cobb gets his 4,000th hit
1928 - King Fuad of Egypt grabs power/disbands parliament
1939 - Dr Roy P Scholz is 1st surgeon to use fiberglass sutures
1940 - Hitler orders Great Britain to surrenders
1941 - 1st US Army flying school for black cadets dedicated (Tuskegee Ala)
1943 - 500 allied air forces raid Rome during WW II
1950 - French/Vietnamese offensive against Viet Minh
1950 - NY Yanks obtain their 1st black players, Elston Howard & Frank Barnes
1950 - Pope Pius XII publishes encyclical Summi maeroris
1956 - US refuse to lend Egypt money to build Aswan Dam
1957 - 1st rocket with nuclear warhead fired, Yucca Flat, Nevada
1957 - Don Bowden becomes 1st American to break 4 minute mile (3m58s7)
1960 - SF Giants Juan Marichal debuts, with a 1 hitter against Phillies
1961 - 1st in-flight movie shown (TWA)
1966 - 50 year old Frank Sinatra marries 21 year old Mia Farrow in Las Vegas
1969 - Apollo 11 goes into Moon orbit
1973 - Willie Mays named to NL all star team for 24th time (ties Musial)
1975 - Apollo & Soyuz linked in orbit for 2 days, separate
1976 - Allman Brother's roadie Scooter Herring sentenced to 75 years for providing drugs for the group, based on Gregg Allman's testimony
1977 - Floods in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, kills 76
1979 - Nicaragua Liberation Day; Sandinistas take over from Somoza
1982 - 1st annual Cracker Jack Oldtimers Classic 75-year-old Luke Appling hits a 250-foot HR off Warren Spahn, AL beats NL 7-2
1984 - 1st female to captain a 747 across Atlantic (Lynn Rippelmeyer)
1984 - Geraldine A Ferraro, (Rep-D-NY), wins Democratic VP nomination
1985 - Christa McAuliffe chosen 1st school teacher to fly space shuttle
most appearances as a NY Yankee
1991 - Cal Ripken plays in his 1,500th consecutive game
1991 - Mike Tyson rapes a Miss Black America contestant (Desiree Washington)
1993 - Pres Clinton fires FBI director William Sessions
1996 - XXVI Olympic games open in Atlanta Georgia


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Wow, Ty Cobb got his 4,000th hit twice.

... Also, I didn't know that Christa McAuliffe was a Yankee. :)

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Wow, Ty Cobb got his 4,000th hit twice.

... Also, I didn't know that Christa McAuliffe was a Yankee. :) :up:

These are expository stealth viruses I've inserted to monitor who's paying attention vs. who's gonna end up in Wild Bill's detention dungeon.

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These are expository stealth viruses I've inserted to monitor who's paying attention vs. who's gonna end up in Wild Bill's detention dungeon.

:lol: Yeah, there was another Babe Ruth one (700 HR) in the last thread that I chose to leave for someone else. I guess no-one else saw it. :idk:

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Historical Events on 20th July

1304 - Wars of Scottish Independence: Fall of Stirling Castle - King Edward I of England takes the last rebel stronghold of the war.
1654 - Anglo-Portuguese treaty, Portugal comes under English control
1712 - The Riot Act takes effect in Great Britain.
1738 - North America: French explorer Pierre Gaultier de Varennes et de la Vérendrye reaches the western shore of Lake Michigan.
1810 - Colombia declares independence from Spain
1858 - Fee 1st charged to see a baseball game (50 cents) (NY beats Bkln 22-18)
1861 - Confederate state's congress began holding sessions in Richmond, Va
1864 - Battle at Stephenson's Depot Virginia: 200 killed or injured
1868 - 1st use of tax stamps on cigarettes
1871 - British Columbia joins the confederation of Canada.
1872 - Mahlon Loomis patents wireless radio
1881 - Sioux Indian Chief Sitting Bull, surrenders to federal troops
1894 - 2000 fed troops recalled from Chicago, having ended Pullman strike
1914 - Armed resistance against British rule begins in Ulster
1917 - Pact of Corfu signed: Serbs, Croats & Slovenes form Yugoslavia
1917 - WW I draft lottery held; #258 is 1st drawn
1918 - World War I: German troops cross the Marne.
1924 - Teheran, Persia comes under martial law after the American vice consul, Robert Imbrie, is killed by a religious mob enraged by rumors he had poisoned a fountain and killed several people.
1926 - A convention of the Methodist Church votes to allow women to become priests.
1927 - Lindbergh begins NY flight (Spirit of St Louis)
1928 - The government of Hungary issues a decree ordering Gypsies to end their nomadic ways, settle permanently in one place, and subject themselves to the same laws and taxes as other Hungarians.
1930 - 106°F (41°C), Washington, DC (district record)
1932 - In Washington, D.C., police fire tear gas on World War I veterans part of the Bonus Expeditionary Force who attempt to march to the White House.
1933 - In London, 500,000 march against anti-Semitism.
1933 - Germany: Two-hundred Jewish merchants are arrested in Nuremberg and paraded through the streets.
1934 - 118°F (48°C), Keokuk, Iowa (state record)
1935 - 1st broadcast of "Gang Busters" on NBC-radio
1940 - Billboard publishes its 1st singles record chart (#1 is "I'll Never Smile Again" by Tommy Dorsey)
1944 - British premier Winston Churchill flies to France to meet Montgomery
1944 - July 20th Plot-Failed assassination attempt on Hitler
1944 - Pres FDR nominated for an unprecedented 4th term at Dem convention
1944 - Fifty are hurt in rioting in front of the presidential palace in Mexico City.
1948 - US Communist Party chairman William Forster arrested
1949 - Israel's 19 month war of independence ends
1954 - Tennis champ Maureen Connolly's right leg is crushed in an accident
1954 - West German secret service head Otto John defects to German DR
1956 - France recognizes Tunisia's independence
1956 - Great Britain refuses to lend Egypt money to build Aswan Dam
1956 - Yankee pitcher Whitey Ford ties AL record of 6 straight strike-outs
1960 - 1st submerged submarine to fire Polaris missile (George Washington)
1960 - USSR recovered 2 dogs; 1st living organisms to return from space
1967 - Race riots in Memphis Tenn
1968 - Iron Butterfly's "In-a-gadda-da-vida" becomes 1st heavy metal song to hit charts, it comes in at #117
1969 - 1st men on Moon, Neil Armstrong & Edwin Aldrin, Apollo 11
1973 - The US Senate passes the War Powers Act.
1976 - Hank Aaron hits 755th & last home run off Angels Dick Drago
1976 - US Viking 1 lands on Mars at Chryse Planitia, 1st Martian landing
1976 - Vietnam War: The US military completes its troop withdrawal from Thailand.
1977 - Flash flood hits Johnstown, Pa, kills 80 & causing $350 mil damage
1977 - The Central Intelligence Agency releases documents under the Freedom of Information Act revealing it had engaged in mind control experiments.
1984 - Vanessa Williams is asked to resign as Miss America
1990 - Justice William Brennan resigns from Supreme Court after 36 years
1991 - Mike Tyson is accused of raping a Miss Black America contestant
1994 - OJ Simpson offers $500,000 reward for evidence of ex-wife's klller
1998 - Two hundred aid workers from CARE International, Doctors Without Borders and other aid groups leave Afghanistan on orders of the 2000 - The leaders of Salt Lake City's bid to win the 2002 Winter Olympics are indicted by a federal grand jury for bribery, fraud, and racketeering
2000 - Terrorist Carlos the Jackal sues France in the European Court of Human Rights for allegedly torturing him.
2001 - The London Stock Exchange goes public.
2005 - Canada becomes the fourth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, after the bill C-38 receives its Royal Assent. Bobby Humphrey goes on a celebratory 3 day drunken binge.


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21st July

365 - Alexandria hit by Earthquake; about 50,000 die
1542 - Pope Paul III begins inquisition against Protestants (Sactum Officium)
1588 - English fleet defeats Spanish armada
1669 - John Lockes Constitution of English colony Carolina approved
1718 - The Treaty of Passarowitz between the Ottoman Empire, Austria and the Republic of Venice is signed.
1730 - States of Holland put death penalty on "sodomy"
1798 - Napoleon Bonaparte wins Battle of Pyramids in Egypt
1825 - Java princess Dipo Negoro/Mangkubumi declare war on all non-islamics
1831 - Belgium gains independence from Netherlands, Leopold I made king
1836 - 1st Canadian RR opens, between Laprairie & St John, Quebec
1846 - Mormons found 1st English settlement in Calif (San Joaquin Valley)
1861 - 1st major battle of Civil War ends (Bull Run), Va-South wins
1865 - In the market square of Springfield, Missouri, Wild Bill Hickok shoots and kills Davis Tutt in what is regarded as the first true western showdown.
1873 - Jesse James & James Younger gang's 1st train robbery (Adair Iowa)
1877 - -27] US army breaks railroad strike
1896 - National Federation of Afro-American Women & Colored Women's
1898 - Spain cedes Guam to US
1904 - After 13 years, the 4,607-mile Trans-Siberian railway is completed
1925 - Monkey Trial ends-John Scopes found guilty of teaching Darwinism
1930 - US Veterans Administration forms
1931 - Reno race track, becomes 1st in US to use daily double wagering
1940 - Soviet Union annexes Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
1941 - Himmler orders building of Majdanek concentration camp
1944 - US forces land on Guam to get rid of Japanese invaders
1944 - Von Kluge warns Hitler of impending collapse of front in Normandy
1949 - Senate ratifies North Atlantic Treaty by a vote of 82-13 (NATO)
1951 - Dalai Lama returns to Tibet
1954 - At Geneva, France agrees to independence of North & South Vietnam
1955 - 1st sub powered by liquid metal cooled reactor launched-Seawolf
1957 - 1st black to win a major US tennis tournament (Althea Gibson)
1959 - Red Sox are last team to use a black player (Pumpsie Green)
1960 - In Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) Sirima Bandaranaike is world's 1st woman PM
1962 - 160 civil right activists jailed after demonstration in Albany Ga
1969 - Neil Armstrong steps on Moon at 2:56:15 AM (GMT)
1970 - Libya orders confiscation of all Jewish property
1970 - USSR performs nuclear Test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1970 - Clay Kirby has a no-hitter going for 8 inn, but is lifted for a pinch hitter, Reliever Jack Baldschun gives up 3 hits & Padres lose, 3-0
1972 - Bloody Friday: 22 IRA-bombs explode in Belfast
1972 - In NY, 57 murders occur in 24 hours
1973 - Braves Hank Aaron hits Ken Brett's fastball for his 700th HR
1974 - House Judiciary approves 2 Articles of Impeachment against Pres Nixon
1976 - 1st outbreak of "Legionnaire's Disease" kills 29 in Phila
1978 - World's strongest dog, 80-kg St Bernard, pulls 2909-kg load 27 m
1983 - Polish govt ends 19 months of martial law
1984 - 1st documented case of a robot killing a human in US
1988 - Mass Gov Michael Dukakis accepts Democratic nomination for president
1997 - The fully restored USS Constitution (aka "Old Ironsides") celebrates her 200th birthday by setting sail for the first time in 116 years.
2002 - Telecom giant WorldCom files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the largest such filing in United States history.
2005 - Four terrorist bombings, occurring exactly two weeks after the similar July 7 bombings, target London's public transportation system. All four bombs fail to detonate and all four suspected suicide bombers are captured and later convicted and imprisoned for long terms.


07-22-2011, 06:12 AM
Events in History for Friday 22nd July 2011

1587 - 2nd English colony forms on Roanoke Island off NC
1691 - Battle at Aghrim: English/Dutch army beats France
1739 - Turks defeats Holy Roman Emp at Crocyka Yugoslavia & threaten Belgrade
1775 - George Washington takes command of US troops
1793 - Alexander Mackenzie reaches the Pacific Ocean becoming the first Euro-American to complete a transcontinental crossing of Canada.
1796 - Cleveland, Ohio, founded by Gen Moses Cleveland
1864 - Battle of Atlanta-Hood attacks Sherman, 8449 conf, 3641 US die
1893 - Katharine Lee Bates writes "America the Beautiful," in Colorado
1916 - A bomb went off during a Preparedness Day parade in SF killing 10
1918 - Lightning kills 504 sheep in Utah's Wasatch National Park
1933 - 1st solo flight round the world 7d 19hrs (Wiley Post)
1934 - Outside Chicago's Biograph Theatre, "Public Enemy No. 1" John Dillinger is mortally wounded by FBI agents.
1937 - Senate rejects FDR proposal to enlarge Supreme Court
1939 - 1st black woman judge (Jane Matilda Bolin-NYC)
1940 - Dutch prime minister De Geer meets Hitler seeking peace talks
1943 - US forces led by Gen George Patton liberate Palermo Sicily
1952 - Poland adopts Communist-imposed Constitution
1954 - Virgin Islands (US) adopts constitution (Revised Organic Act)
1955 - 1st VP to preside over cabinet meeting-R Nixon
1960 - Cuba nationalizes all US owned sugar factories
1962 - 1st US Venus probe, Mariner 1, fails at lift-off
1962 - Chic White Sox Floyd Robinson goes 6 for 6 (all singles)
1963 - Sonny Liston KOs Floyd Patterson in 1 for heavyweight boxing title
1967 - Jimi Hendrix quits as opening act of the Monkees' tour
1969 - USSR launches Sputnik 50 & Molniya 1-12 communications satellite
1972 - Venera 8 makes soft landing on Venus
1982 - Biggest mass wedding, Rev Sun Myung Moon weds 2,200 couples in NYC
1983 - -128.6°F (-89.2°C) recorded, Vostok, Antarctica (world record)
1983 - Dick Smith makes 1st solo helicopter flight around the world
1986 - House of Reps impeaches Judge Harry E Claiborne on tax evasion
1987 - US began escorting re-flagged Kuwaiti tankers in Persian Gulf
1988 - 500 US scientists pledge to boycott Pentagon germ-warfare research
1990 - Greg LeMond of US wins his 3rd Tour de France
1991 - Jeffrey Dahmer confesses to killing 17 males in 1978
1992 - Colombia drug baron Pablo Escobar escapes prison
1994 - OJ Simpson pleads "Absolutely 100% Not Guilty" of murder
1995 - Susan Smith found guilty of drowning her 2 children in SC
2003 - Members of 101st Airborne of the United States, aided by Special Forces, attack a compound in Iraq, killing Saddam Hussein's sons Uday and Qusay, along with Mustapha Hussein, Qusay's 14-year old son, and a bodyguard.