View Full Version : xPredator34x (Chiefs)44 vs JayOverBrian (Titans)14 - NoN-League Game

01-08-2004, 06:31 PM
Chiefs 44 @ Titans 14

Wow,In the Rain, a defensive battle none the less, My defense pulled thru...And to top it all off, it started with Blaylock fumbling the opening kickoff and the Titans recovering the fumble with Great field position (17yd line I believe) to score the First TD of the game :mad: , but after that, he would not see the endzone again till the end of the game....My Offense didnt do all too bad but wasnt great either, the important thing is that 984 only sacked me once compared to our other games...he is a sack machine with that fearsome titan D....but i practiced againsts diffrent blitz schemes and it payed off....it was a good game.....I just hope I play him one more time in this league & no more, cuz im not sure how long i can hold off without him beating me, eventually i wll be do for a loss...(as you may know, im on a 3 game winnning streak vs him overall (league/non-league games) as of right now.)

Add another W to my Finheaven Division standings (10-2 now).

01-08-2004, 06:58 PM
It was 7-7 after halftime, and I had 4 turnovers (3 INTs 1 fumble) inside his 5 yardline. :(

I've gotten real close to beating you, and my D stopped your run for the most part.

I had more yardage but all those picks just doomed me. :(