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07-28-2011, 05:02 PM
The US Soccer Federation has relieved Bob Bradley of his duties. I liked Bob, but he's really struggled tactically since the WC (and even during) and he has been poor bringing new players up to the team. Yes Agudelo, Ream, Lichaj, and Chandler have been called up consistently, BUT guys like Omar Gonzalas, George John, Mix Diskeruud, and a few others have been on a tear and have not received looks. Plus, Bob has an unhealthy love affair with John Bornstein and Robby Rogers

Supposedly the US will announce a coach tomorrow. Here are names linked with the job

Jurgen Klinsmann- Former German National Coach, and German soccer legend. Lives in the US and has been offered the job in the past. Originally turned job down because he wanted to change the youth developmental system. The system has since changed and Klinsmann would probably accept the job.

Marcelo Lippi- Coached Italy to the 2006 World Cup win, but struggled replacing aging players during the 2010 WC. Admits he misses coaching, but can US afford him?

Sergio Batista- Just fired by Argentina after a disappointing Copa America. Coincidence that Bob was fired right after Batista?

Jason Kreis- Considered by many to be the best coach in the MLS. Built Real Salt Lake into one of the top teams in MLS from scratch. Was named Manager right after he retired and is still young (38). Obsessed with game planning and is a very good tactician. Is he ready for a potential jump?

Claudio Reyna- Captain America. Since retiring has been put in charge of the Youth System in the US, and in his short time in charge the changes are noticeable. Is training our youth system much like Holland trains their youth. Played professionally in Germany, Scotland, and England. Known as a playmaker during his playing days. US legend.

Boy From School
07-28-2011, 10:43 PM
I'm surprised he didn't get fired sooner. I think Klinsmann would be the best option. I'd be surprised if he'd turn down the offer again. I'm not a supporter of the U.S. national team but I'm sure those who are, would want Klinsmann as the new coach.

07-29-2011, 10:49 AM
I would have never thought that Sergio Batista would be considered to coach a US team....really?

07-29-2011, 03:53 PM
I just read that Klinsmann got the job!

09-21-2011, 07:41 PM
I know I'm late and I know Klinsman is off to not the most "results worthy" start . . . but this was the best decision by far. Klinsman coaches soccer like football. Spread the field and attack the perimeter and put a defense on their heels. However with that philosophy, the US needs fast/strong forwards and big/strong defensemen. He really need Guch Onyewu to come out of his funk and lead this backline. He can be an enforcer but ever since the injury he has played soft and not very skilled.

My ideal Starting 11:

F - Altidore/Davies - Altidore is the big/strong guy and Davies is the speed guy . . . perfect combo
M - Donovan/Adu/Bradley/Dempsey - Donovan is their best player, Dempsey is their best finisher and 2 of the most talented playmakers in Adu/Bradley . . . make it happen Jurgen. Ball control with these 4.
D - Chandler/Gooch/Bocanegra/Cherundolo - Chandler is young, but he has the potential to be an incredible left back. Adds an offensive element to the backfield. Gooch is the big man and Boca is the captain. Cherundolo is more than efficient as the right back.
G - Tim Howard - He is a real solid keeper, too bad his defense has sucked but you get him a good defense, Howard is more than solid.

I dunno, I like this group as my starting 11. I think its the United States 11 best players. Then bring back guys like Holden and Benny Felharber, along with Brek Shea in the mid field. Keep with Aguedelo and even Robbie Rogers as more speed to wear out tired defenses in the 2nd half. There is alot of young talent for the defense, but yea they are young. Hopefully those guys get it together by the 2014 WC. I still think Jurgen will get it fixed. The US is gonna go places with Klinsman. Remember the United States has one of the better youth soccer programs in the world. They have just needed a coach to put it all together. I think they found their man in Klinsman.