View Full Version : Hotmail Turns 15

07-31-2011, 09:38 AM
It is hard to remember a time when Hotmail didn't exist. The web based email service has been a cornerstone for helping individuals connect all over the world. On July 4th, Hotmail turned 15 years old, a tremendous achievement for any website.
One of the first free web based mail servers. I had an account but I changed to yahoo and have used it every since.


On the Internet, it is easy to have the rug swept out from under your feet. So for Hotmail to remain not only relevant, but still expanding after 15 years, is a tremendous achievement. Currently, "over 3 million people have created aliases using the new alias feature, and over 5 million people worldwide are already using Facebook chat in Hotmail".

Email has revolutionized how we communicate. When Hotmail was introduced, fax machines ruled the landscape in terms of conversing in semi real-time. But even Email is beginning to show its age, with real-time services such as Twitter taking center stage for quick communication.

While no one knows how long Email will stay relevant, Hotmail played a key part in mass user adoption. And for that, we thank Hotmail for helping to bring us all into the electronic communication age. From everyone at Neowin, we wish Hotmail a Happy Birthday.