View Full Version : Tiger's ex-caddie admits reaction "over the top"

08-09-2011, 12:27 PM
When the World Golf Championship at Firestone was over on Sunday, most of the headlines were not about the winner (Adam Scott) but his caddie: Steve Williams.

That's because Williams -- Tiger Woods' former bag man - took extra pleasure in Scott's victory, calling it "the best win I've ever had" (despite being by Woods' side for 13 major titles) and making it abundantly clear he felt his ex-boss had treated him unjustly.

Williams took some heat for his gloating and on Monday he issued a "bit" of a mea culpa.

"Looking back on it, I was a bit over the top," he told FOXSports.com from Atlanta, where he and Scott were getting ready for the PGA Championship.

"I had a lot of anger in me about what happened (with Woods) and it all came out."


08-13-2011, 01:13 PM
I hate tiger but stevie williams is a punk