View Full Version : Solution: Close this team and move to la

08-28-2011, 09:21 AM
The amount of negativity on this board, we don't need to play this season... Let's throw the towel..

Chad Henne - Even though showing significant improvements in a new system, is public enemy # 1 - No one will give him a chance even though he is not the major problem on offense.

Reggie Bush - Even if he will create mismatches - He is a situational player - Not a starter in this league and definitely to avoid in goal-line situations.

Daniel Thomas - 2nd round BUST with a terrible O-Line and no mini-camps

Pouncey - This guy had 2 bad snaps - OMG - He is terrible - Cut him already!!!

Brian Hartline - No way this guy can be a starter on offense. He's slow and white..Nuff said

TE Fasano - Fasano (Henne's security blanket)- is really bad He caused an interception during the 1st pre-season game.

Koa Misi - Can't get to the QB since his primary role is to stop the run - Cut him

JT - Has lost 1000 steps... Not good enough opposite Wake. He is done - Leave him one on one for a full game with a RT or LT and we'll see how many times he gets to the QB..

Safeties are terrible.....

Oh Yeah - The Fans - We can't even fill out half the seats in Sun-Life stadium ... Whats the point - Move to LA already. I always wanted to be a porn star, maybe by going to a dolphins game in LA, I'll bump into someone who will help me achieve my goal...

zach attach
08-28-2011, 09:30 AM
Then we'd all trash the L.A. Dolphins on this site. We can all rest and be excited for the upcoming season, there's actually reason to be!
BTW, Jetsfan told me when you move to LA to become a pornstar, you have to start off dude on dude and work your way up. Jetsfan said after 43 movies, he finally quit. HAHA!