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09-17-2011, 12:28 AM
I almost crapped a Huzienga when i read this post..
True story i once caught a Marlin though not anyMoore.
Always crap to fix around the house
where is a PHIllips when you need one..
The dolphins need a round table
with Solia and a Merlin at its center..
Joe Burger was cut because he ate too much fastfood..
Benny was cut because
he sapped the life out of stunned life stadium..
Nollan was to busy reciting carrols
as brady gave him the fiddle.
Olvadati looked fat and sloppy ..no wait he gone :P
Sparano is like the last gerinomo
to the manifest destined patriots..
Davis got cramps because
he was inhaling to much helium
b4 the game sounding like little wheee man
"im the best" ahhh **** my cramps..
Yerimariey carey got his bell rung when he slobbered on a gronakowsi.
Wes welker went helter skelter on has been-ny sapped ran for shelter..

Ok i know most of these are weak but i say what the hell screw you guys im home..

09-17-2011, 02:56 AM
It seems Hennebot is Incognito when the Dolphins need a win. Where was the defense last week? They weren't Longing for a win like we'd hoped. They looked like agent Smith from the Matrix, only not as dangerous, all over the place but never in the right place. That D looked like they been training Christmas Carroll's in training camp not learning how to win.

Brady sucks, I hope he dies, so I can attend his Wake, and pee on his Face. Spara-NO, more like sporadic, talkin like a cracked out addict in a hurry for his next fix, but it's the only thing he can fix. His fate is sealed, Locked, a done deal. Good Luck on the job market next year.

And what's up with that run game, it looked like we were running into a cement wall or a high Bush, we just got pushed back and ambushed. A LangFord-F150 couldn't get to Brady, what a joke Dolphins, you slay me.

Thank you, thank you.