View Full Version : Need some advice after losing Britt

09-28-2011, 06:33 PM
So I've had the flu and forgot to go after Nate Washington off waivers last night. I just lost Kenny Britt and need some advice on what I should try to do. Here's my team:

QB: Rodgers
WR: Austin (out), Britt (IR), Marshall, Henderson, Ochocinco
RB: Best, Johnson, Gore, D Thomas, Tolbert
TE: Witten
K: Bryant
DEF: Packers, Bears

I absolutely need another WR this week, unless I really want to be stuck with Marshall, Henderson, and Ochocinco...

Chris Johnson and Gore both suck this year, leaving me thinner at RB then I expected to be...

EDIT: Somebody offered me Nate Washington and Sidney Rice for Chris Johnson. Part of me wants to do it since I need WR so badly, but I just don't know what the value Johnson at right now...

09-29-2011, 07:33 PM
I hope get well soon for starters. I would do the trade. Washington is someone who I have always liked. Hasselback seems to be throwing the ball just great. He is heathly as well, which helps. Rice is the kicker here. If he can games like he had last week, which I am sure he can, I would go make the trade. Rice is a great weapon to have. Chris Johnson got his money and looks like garbage. Look at most of the guys that got thier money this off-season; Gore, Vick, Johnson, Fitzgerald. Ok maybe Fitz don't belong, but the rest of them have done nothing. Make the trade and don't look back.