View Full Version : Were any of you Dolphins fans aware that Tony Sparano is not just an O-line Expert?

10-02-2011, 10:07 PM
During the press conference he was asked about the status of his starting quarterback. Tony assured the team that Henne will be back into the starting line up. "I narrowed the source of his shoulder problem and me and my staff will work hard to make sure he is properly rehabilitated," Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano said. One reporter from the Sun Sentinel did ask about what kind of plans are going to be involved.

"I managed to discuss with Chad about the importance of the proper form for the fist pump. To work that shoulder we must fist pump from 3 to 4 types of different positions. For the lateral portion of the shoulder we are going to make chad do 3 sets of 12 sitting fist pumps, standing fist pumps, and reverse fist pumps on
the side position underneath the goal line. We can't discuss these types of methods due to an undergoing patent war with a popular home workout company. I am willing to settle to do four 1 hour sessions of my future patented fist pump program," said Miami Dolphins Head coach and offensive line expert.

source: Fist Sentinel

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