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01-20-2004, 08:54 AM

by Jamie Moore

Monday afternoon... With both teams working out at the same time, had to make a choice of who to watch...went with the North team for no other reason than its in our name too!! ...players worked out in helmets and shells; obviously no contact (or at least not much)...the weather wasn't the most hospitable for playing football with cool temps in the low 40s and a greasy field...the most impressive player on the day on the North squad was Southern Cal WR Keary Colbert who made a couple of acrobatic catches, showing good hands and body control...Ohio State WR Michael Jenkins was also solid...another veteran Big 10 WR, Mo Brown of Iowa struggled on the other hand; Brown was slow getting into his routes and didn't show much acceleration; he also often didn't always appear to be on the same page as the QB...Oregon State WR James Newson also had an up-and-down day, making a number of nice catches, but also dropping a couple when he appeared to lose concentration...Utah State TE Chris Cooley did a nice job snapping and had a couple of scouts commenting that he might make it as a short-snapper; Cooley also showed some decent receiving skills although he appeared to be a little slow coming out of his breaks on occasion...Pitt TE Kris Wilson, another pass receiving TE prospect, also showed good hands, but appeared to be somewhat stiff and not overly athletic...Michigan QB John Navarre looked good; he had plenty of zip on the ball throwing mostly short and intermediate routes; Navarre also had decent footwork in the pocket for a man his size; he also showed good poise and leadership on the field; one team that appaered to play very close attention to Navarre was the Giants...Washington QB Cody Pickett also had a solid day one, throwing the ball efficiently although his timing appeared slightly off on occasson in the 7-on-7 drills; overall Pickett reminded a little of Patriots' QB Tom Brady...Bowling Green QB Josh Harris, ho is trying to prove to scouts that he is more than just a very athletic QB, showed decent arm strength and very good accuracy, but it was obvious that he needs a lot of work on his mechanics, particularly his footwork...

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01-20-2004, 04:18 PM
GBN needs more writers to cover both teams & not just focus on one side.