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01-22-2004, 07:38 AM
Senior Bowl 2004: Making appearances

Inside the League

No favors for scouts: While the Bengals staff running the North workout offered up a tightly wound, on-schedule workout with good zip and energy, they didn't do talent evaluators a lot of favors with some of their choices.
For one, the afternoon workout was very heavy on special teams, usually a portion of the workout that gets little emphasis given that Saturday's game is less valuable for NFL teams' purposes than the workouts themselves.
Also, the Bengals chose to place the one-on-one portion of the workout, when defensive and offensive linemen faced off while defensive backs and wide receivers did the same, after kickoff practice, which demanded that the offensive linemen sprint downfield repeatedly. Clearly, some of the linemen were still gasping and heaving when it came time for individualized matchups.

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Who cares???

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The Bungles have returned. I wonder why our coaching staff didn't have the honor of coaching the Senior Bowl? It normally goes to the teams in the AFC & NFC that were next to be in the playoffs.