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12-19-2011, 04:08 PM
Seems like we're likely picking 12 in the draft again, or something along those lines. With that in mind, here we go:

1.)Ryan Tannehill,QB out of Texas A&M(6'4",222)


There's a lot of things to like about Tannehill. Has the ideal height, and arm strength you want in a QB. Played in a Pro-Style system. Accurate most of the time. But there are somethings that raise your eye brows at. The fact that he was a converted WR the first 2 years of eligibility, and just now playing QB at this level for 2 years is troubling. Also, it seems like he locks onto his 1st read... a lot. Thats normal, but at the same time can he change that?

Just like Minnesota's Christian Ponder, I have a 2nd round grade on Tannehill. However, the demand for QB's in this league coupled with the fact that the rookie wage scale is so favorable the selection of Ryan is all the more intriguing. Lets see how he performs at the combine and individual workouts.

Overall, I'd say Tannehill has tons of talent and potential but it's unknown due to the limited time he's been playing. Might have to take a page from the Minnesota Vikings and take a QB a little sooner than his worth.

2.)Kelechie Osemele,RG out of Iowa State(6'5",335)


Osemele has a ton of potential and could project almost anywhere along the offensive line in the NFL. He's built like a brick wall at 6'6" and 347 pounds. Has very long arms, good athleticism, and is very powerful. He'll likely end up at right tackle since he's just not quick enough to seal the edge if he played on the left.

The bottom line here is that Osemele is a very raw prospect who at times struggles to maintain technique. Since he's so strong, there are times when he doesn't set his feet properly or extend his arms to initiate contact. He needs to remember to stay low, bend his knees, and absorb contact.

That said, the sky is the limit here and given his penchant for both pass and run blocking, NFL teams are going to love this guy. His mean streak (something all offensive linemen must have) is unquestioned. He is looking to take guys out every play. Osemele's elite size, strength, and bulk are all going to pass the eye-ball test for scouts and he's going to catch a lot of attention because of it.

Kelechi Osemele is one of the more physically imposing prospects in the 2012 NFL Draft and projects to be taken early in the second round.


3.)A.J Jenkins,WR out of Illinois(6'1",190)


Jenkins is a speedy, athletic receiver who should undoubtedly get looks from NFL teams, especially if he continues to improve off of his excellent play in 2010. And, indeed he has supplemented his excellent 2010 season with another nice season in 2011, though marred by inconsistencies.

The senior wide receiver showed excellent playmaking ability this season, but he hasn’t scored a touchdown since early October. He is solid after the catch but really needs to work on being more consistent. In that way, he really reminds me a lot of Brandon Lloyd coming out.


[Strong Senior year. 86 catches, 1196 yards and 7 touchdowns. A.J is one of the better YAC wideouts in the country. Averaged 14.2 yards per catch. Etremely polished. Played as a true freshman, and is set to earn his degree and seems to be ascending in his skills as a WR. Real good value in the third. A guy I that's fully mature in his craft, and that maturation can help him make an immediate impact on the team.]

4.)[traded to NO;Reggie Bush trade]

5.)James Carmon,RT out of Missippi State(6'7",330)


JUCO transfer that started as a DT. An injury to the starting LT, moved in to the other side of the trenches.......Carmon hasn't looked back since. His stock has risen and risen over the course of the season, helping Vick Ballard go for over 1,00 yard season. Carmon is still extremely raw, but this guy has the ability to be a good prospect for the RT position. Reminds me a lot of Jared Gaither, in the fact that he's so athletically gifted he could probably play LT or RT. Real good lateral movement. Him and Kelechi on the right side oughtta do heavy damage.

6.)T.Y Hilton,WR/PR out of F.I.U(5'10",183)


Excellent return-man. Reminds me a lot of Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Has a 5th gear in his arsenal, while being extremely agile and quick. Can make the first man miss on a consistant basis. Hilton is an explosive returner. Check out this tape of his freshmen year:


Over the past few years, we've seen from Teddy Ginn, Hester, Cribbs, Peterson, Cobbs that the special teams is just as important as the other 2 sides of the ball. Can play a similar role as Brown does, and offer the capability to stretch the field. Run deep routes.

6b.)Davin Meggett,RB out of Maryland(5'9",215)


The ideal 3rd back. Can run, block, catch. Meggett reminds me of Ray Rice. Just a small nugget back, who could prove to be crucial in all phases on offense.]

7.)Neiko Thorpe,FS out of Auburn(6'2",192)


Pretty consistent safety. Over 260 tackles over his career. 7 picks, countless PD's. Offer help as a gunner on special teams. Dunno quite what his ceiling is, as I've only seen him play like twice.


Brad Smelly,FB out of Alabama(6'3",225)
Josh Chichester,TE out of Louisville(6'7",240)
Hebron Fangupo,NT out of B.Y.U(6'1",332)


Quintin Groves,WOLB from OAK(2-yr. deal)
Kelly Jennings,CB from CIN(2-yr. deal)
Antonio Garay,DE from SD(1-yr. deal)
Khalif Barnes,RT from OAK(1-yr. deal)


QB- Moore, Tannehill, Devlin
RB-Bush, Thomas, Meggett
WR1-Marshall, Bess, Gates
WR2-Hartline, Jenkins, Hilton
TE-Fasano, Clay, Chichester
LT-Long, Murtha
LG-Cog, Jerry(looks better on the left side)
RG-Osemele, Garner
RT-Barnes, Carmon


LE-Starks, Garay
NT-Soliai, Fangupo
RE-Odrick, McDaniel
SOLB-Wake, Trusnik
ILB-Burnett, Mitchell
MILB-Dansby, Spitler
CB1-Davis, Jennings,Carroll
FS-Culver, Clemons, Thorpe
SS-Bell, Jones

Special Teams:



I can't see us re-signing both Langford & Soliai,ftr....

12-19-2011, 04:40 PM
stopped reading after 1st pick!!!!! I'd love a QB but I sure hell dont want to reach on one!!

12-19-2011, 09:47 PM
I stopped at pik five and couldn't stop laughing...

12-19-2011, 11:27 PM
stopped reading after 1st pick!!!!! I'd love a QB but I sure hell dont want to reach on one!!

Yep. Then we draft two WRs? Why not just take one w/return capabilities.

SF Dolphin Fan
12-19-2011, 11:36 PM
I like Ryan Tannehill and believe he will move up into the first round before all is said and done. Right now the 9-12 range seems pretty high, though, and he certainly isn't as NFL ready as Christian Ponder. If Miami could move down, get maybe an additional #2, then take Tannehill I'd like it a lot more. Some really nice picks overall.

12-20-2011, 01:03 AM
I appreciate the criticism of everybody who replies, good or bad. Although, I don't believe some of you are being realistic.

Luck, Barkley(if he declares), & RGIII all will go in the top 8. This is all assuming we don't trade up, as you all know our draft position is pretty crappy.

If you look at the draft tendencies of Jeff Ireland, you would see how Im gonig about this. He doubled down in '08 with Langford & Merling. He doubled down the following year with Smith & Davis. He doubled down in '10 finally with A.J Edds & Koa Misi. Am I so far off to think he would select two WR's?

A.J has starter ability; Hilton can be an effective return man/slot guy in the spread...If we've learned anything the past 3 years, the likes of Hester and Cribbs can effect the outcome of the game pretty heavily.

As far as Tannehill, look is he ideal? No, but after Tannehill & Weeden who the hell do you want the 'Phins to grab? Again, trading down 5 slots would be ideal but I'm not doing trades in my mocks anymore. Again, thanks to every who contributed.

12-21-2011, 12:03 AM
I like the draft. It's not the dream scenario, but it's realistic.

12-21-2011, 01:04 AM
I don't think Hilton makes it to the 6th round.

12-21-2011, 01:12 AM
I don't think Hilton makes it to the 6th round.

i don't either...and no thanks on this mock draft