View Full Version : The Old Republic: first patch

12-28-2011, 11:40 AM
So, SWTOR had its first substantial patch since launch yesterday, and Slicing got nerfed.
I can't imagine that there's a single slicer out there, myself included, that didn't see it coming a mile away though. I think it was somewhere around level 20, when my Trooper was rolling around the galaxy with three-hundred thousand credits that I thought to myself "Yeeeeeeah... this isn't going to last."

Slicing was sort of so good to the point of being a near requirement, which puts you at odds with the traditional crafting-gathering-gathering trifecta that I think the game was designed for. As an Armormech, I should have taken Scavenging and Underworld Trading to support my craft. However I'm perusing the crew skills and saying "Ok, this one would let me gather organic materials... with this one I would be gathering scrap metal... this one lets me harvest money... wait, what?" and it just seems like a no brainer. So I took Armormech, Scavenging and Slicing.
Slicing was a slot machine that I always won. Put in a thousand credits, a half hour later my companion brings me 5000 back. You just couldn't go wrong....

So of course when the patch notes went up, all slicers shed a little tear. Not because they thought slicing didn't need a nerf, or because they didn't expect a nerf, but rather because it was just sooooo nice having money all the time. And of course, some people went into doom-and-gloom mode and declared the economy would dry up without the slicing funds pouring into the game, and got all worked up about the idea that they'd actually have to work for some money from now on, but that's really no surprise, is it?


Not playing it, but ran across a story about how people are responding to the first patch and burst out laughing. Sometimes, i really love humanity.