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12-31-2011, 03:45 AM
Thought it might be appropriate to start a thread for a player who will go down as one of the greatest Fins of all time, on and off the field.

A story and some memories I would like to share about JT.

My 12-year old son is named Jason Taylor (yes, named after #99) and when he was a toddler, he had to wear a special helmet to make sure his head developed properly. My brother sent a letter to Jason Taylor explaining the situation and he responded with numerous football cards and 8x10 photos, all signed and autographed with "God Bless, Jason Taylor." What a cool memory for me and my son that we will always treasure.

On the field, there are a couple of moments that stick out for me about JT. The first came in a 2000 game against the Bengals. We were 4-1 at the time and playing pretty good football, but were down 13-3 near the end of the half and looking pretty lethargic. With the Bengals trying to mount a late drive, JT sacked Akili Smith, forced a fumble, then picked up the fumble and ran in for a score with just seconds left in the half. We went on to win the game 31-16 and that play set the tone for the comeback, a key moment in a division title season.

My other moment came in the 2006 Bears game. The Fins were 1-6 and were taking a beating from Dolphin alumni that week. JT intercepted a Grossman pass early in the game, returned it for a score and we won the game, the first of a four-game win streak that briefly put us in the playoff hunt.

I don't remember many guys who could change the complexion of a game from the defensive side like he could. He just always seemed to make a play when it was needed.

My regret is that we never had great teams around him and he never got a chance to compete for a championship with us.

He has been such a class individual on and off the field and through all of the crap this organization has gone through the past 14 years, he has held his head high.

I hope to someday go with my son to Canton to watch JT earn his rightful spot in the HOF.

Thank you JT

12-31-2011, 03:47 AM
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great story