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01-05-2012, 04:34 AM
I was checking out random mock drafts sites are putting up and saw one have taking Luke Kuechly from Boston College with #8. Having never heard of this guy I looked him up and although we're looking for more of an OLB/pass rusher he seems like a solid ILB (and one could argue Burnett needs to be replaced).

Quick notes on the guy:
16 tackles per game as a junior
ACC defensive player of the year
Butkus Award winner
Rotary Lombardi Award winner
Lott IMPACT Trophy
Bronk Nagurski award winner

Heres a video of both positive and negative sets of play from games against Notre Dame, Clemson and Nevada: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK2EKvQSpxg
What I took from video:
- Definitely the type of linebacker who needs protection in front of him as he can be swallowed up by bigger linemen in space
- Despite that he has a nose for the ball carrier in traffic and will quickly step into the hole even while blocked and make the tackle whenever possible
- Moves quickly laterally on running plays, getting involved on sweeps and pitches to the opposite field
- Seems very comfortable dropping into coverage both vertically and laterally, including a couple interceptions both in the middle of the field and on the sideline
- Has trouble tackling in the open field on passes to the flat as he over commits but he does get there quickly at least
- He is not a pass rusher, not one sack in the 3 games I saw as he just isn't big enough to rush up the middle on the blitz

Sorry if this guy has been brought up before but this seems like an interesting possibility, although I'm still in the offensive playmaker camp for that first pick. If we trade down I think he may have good value in the late first round.

01-05-2012, 10:48 AM
Kuechly is a baller. He reminds me of Zach Thomas only bigger. He doesn't have a lot of sacks cause BC doesn't send him on blitzes very often if at all. He so darn good in pass coverage he normally drops back in coverage.

I don't think he's announced that he's coming out though. He's only a junior.