View Full Version : Here's how the Dolphins will pick their new coach

Trifecta Nation
01-17-2012, 10:43 PM
We send a monkey up in a helicopter in the middle of the United States. When the copter is in the exact middle of the US, the pilot kicks the monkey out with a parachute on his back (needless to say, don't wish to kill the little guy) and when he lands on the ground and gets his bearings, he'll trot along on foot until he finds a human being somewhere. Then, the first person he extends a hand towards and actually touches........THAT'S THE NEXT COACH OF THE MIAMI DOLPHINS!


That is all! (with a little wink to Lewis Black)

Sound about right?

We just have to hope that Belichick is in Iowa or Kansas or wherever this happens for some reason that day and that's who the chimp touches. :lol:

Trifecta Nation
01-17-2012, 10:52 PM
This gets moved to spam? Touchy mods around here huh? (rolls eyes)

In fact I bet we could let the monkey pick the coach and wouldn't do much worse than Wanny, Cammy, Godfather etc. So what was so bad about the thread?