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1. “Football Clydesdale,” Budweiser, 1996. The horses choose up sides, score and kick the extra point. One of the two spectators drawls that yeah, he finds this whole thing kind of surprising, because “they usually go for two.”http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/television/greatest-super-bowl-ads-joe-greene-football-playing-clydsedales-herding-cats-article-1.1014913

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One of the funniest ones I don't even remember what it was for:

I think the slogan had to a life insurance company it went something like this:

[huge bee hive hanging from a tree, two guys, garbage can, ladder]

Guy 1: I am going to climb up the ladder cut the bee hive and when it falls into the trash can you put the lid on.
Guy 2: OK but it doesn't sound safe.
Guy 1: It will work!

[Guy 1 is on the ladder leaning over to cut the bee hive down loses his footing grabs the bee hive and it drops into the can, guy 2 runs away.]
[Guy 1 then falls off the ladder head first into the trash can on the ground with the bee hive already in it]
[Guy 1 stands up with trash can on his head and bee hive still in it and runs screaming in pain only to hit his BBQ grill that is sitting several feet away from where he feel, flipping over the grill with the can still on his head]

I still can not to this day find that clip on the net and it was one of the funniest Super Bowl commercials ever.

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A beer commercial with no violence in it? Who would've thunk it?