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01-30-2004, 08:44 PM
Dear FinHeaven & Co Visitors:

When I, Andrew Tatum, first started a Miami Dolphins website in 1996 I was only able to envision the future that this endeavor would bring. Now, nearly eight years later, FinHeaven & Co is no longer something I have to imagine, it’s now a reality.

FinHeaven & Co has rapidly grown into the largest Miami Dolphins website online. When the site started in 1996, it was an amazing site to see the site get 10,000 visitors that year. Now, in 2004, FinHeaven & Co has nearly 10x that amount per month. Additionally, we are the home of the largest, most active message board online with over 3,000 registrations in just two years.

FinHeaven & Co has not grown this large by simply shear luck. Instead, we have worked through many sleepless nights in order to make the site what it is known for today. Additionally, much of the site’s success last year is because of the Premium Members; it would have not been a possibility for the site to grow as large as it is today without their help.

In this State of the Site Address, I would like to tell you some of things we have in store for the new season in order to make FinHeaven & Co better, yet again.

First and foremost, one way you can find a quality site is if the site is willing to admit the things that aren’t doing so well. I am willing to admit that the commentary section of the site is lacking and not in terms of content. Instead, I believe that the layout of the commentary section as a whole is below par. The staff and I plan to improve this section as soon as possible this off season. We look to have the section in full swing by mid-February. With the new section the commentary will be better organized, thus making it better for you, the visitor.

Additionally, we look to improve the message board and photo posting gallery. Both the upgraded message board and gallery will have the same look and feel; however, the functionality will be greatly improved.

Other improvements to the site will be finformation. FinHeaven & Co is the only placed where you can get drenched with Dolphins information, and we want you to get even more so. As you may or may not know, we have seasonal information dating back to 1984, and we plan to extend this onto the beginning of the franchise, thus you’ll be able to view stats from any season. Additionally, as you may or may not know, we are the home of the most complete Salary Cap page. Besides the cap page, one can look forward to a continuously updated seasonal directory that includes rosters, depth charts, injury reports, box scores, and statistics.

In conclusion, FinHeaven & Co is continuously working hard to bring you the best Miami Dolphins fan site. We have many plans for the site, some of which aren’t discussed in this letter. Once again, because of the Premium Members we are able to do such amazing things with the site, and not only keep it “alive,” but also improve the site. So, stick around FinHeaven & Co, and you won’t be disappointed as it can only get better, and we’ve been a great thing for a long time.

01-30-2004, 09:58 PM

Keep up the good work.
I love this place..

Da 'Fins
01-31-2004, 11:11 AM
The site is great and you do a great job with moderation and all other areas.

There is one area that would be worth re-evaluating. The Newswire section. It is typically arranged by publication. That's fine to have that - but I use another site for the newswire information b/c it is usually arranged on a "time" basis and gives the time when the article came out. Those at the top of the list are the latest. Right now, for example, the newswire has stuff from CBS Sportsline, but it's infor on the Dolphins 23-10 victory over the Giants. I'm sure there's a reason for that, but...

The other newswire I referenced also includes any artilces where the Dolphins are discussed - not just an article entirely devoted to them. Sometimes this gives one tidbits of valuable information and perspectives from a national viewpoint.

Just a suggestion for you to consider. No big deal.

01-31-2004, 09:04 PM
AJ, you and the staff have done a great job, you allow us to be critical about every thing, you go back to the board and always deliver, it's that effort that easily allowed me to want to be a premium member, to contribute in any way I could and I'm glad I did, looking at all the new and improved stuff base on the contributions makes it all worth it. So keep on keepin on. BTW, when do we renew our premium.

Thanks for all your work, hope school's is all you'd hope for..I enjoy my days...then there's work and more work and more Work...Man when do I get to retired?

02-01-2004, 02:00 AM
I especially like the salary cap page ;)

02-01-2004, 10:07 AM
Thanks for a great site and experience, some may make it depressing at times but in its entirety it's a great place to be!!!!!

02-01-2004, 01:22 PM
Living up here in Panther Land is Rough,but going to finheaven.com makes everything much easier! You've made it like HEAVEN for faraway FINFANS! Thanks alot and keep up the GOOD work!!!

Prime Time
02-01-2004, 03:00 PM
AJ thanks for making this site, It is a good way for me to learn the latest Dolphin News or talk about almost anything else I want to talk about it. It helps me get away from all other things, homework, etc. etc. Thanks.

02-02-2004, 10:39 PM
Best team site in the NFL. Glad to be a bigger part this year. Thanks Andrew, its been a blast.