View Full Version : My First Round 2004 mock draft..........

01-30-2004, 08:46 PM
..........that I promised earlier this week can be read by clicking the link below!! Thanks!!


Bl¡tz Inc
01-30-2004, 09:03 PM
Nice Job.

But if you guys are picking back-to-back right before the Pats with Kevin Jones on the board, you've got to make a deal to keep Jones away from NE.

Maybe, even Philly, if the price is right? You guys could probably still get Rivers at 28, no? I don't think GB is a lock to take a QB (with all the holes on D, and possibly losing their LT), and nobody else from 20-27 is really a threat to take him.

I'd love to have Jones, if it only costs us a 3rd and a 4th or something. We can get the WR we need in the 2nd (Keary Colbert :) )

01-30-2004, 09:08 PM
Thanks for the props!! :)

01-31-2004, 09:42 AM
I like the miami trade with minnesota

01-31-2004, 03:49 PM
The SD-Pitt trade is nasty. Arizona couldn't even get the 1st pick for that little.

Dillon's not worth a 1st let alone a conditional pick too since everyone knows he wants out of Cincy.

The picks are pretty good, Woods and Poole both seem a little too high.

01-31-2004, 10:37 PM
Dillon not worth a 1st Round pick?? Your sadley mistaken. Dillon is easily a first round pick, especially that far down in the 1st round. Giving up almost 2 first round picks, and a 3rd this year, is more than fair. Remember San Diego might not have the money to keep the #1 overall pick in the draft, so they may not have a choice.

02-01-2004, 12:08 AM
He isn't worth a first. He is 29, had a downyear, and bad attitude.

The Spaz
02-01-2004, 12:40 AM
Rashaun Woods I don't think so.

02-01-2004, 10:13 AM
Dillon will never garner a 1st because teams know that Cincy is not going to keep him, and CD hasn't exactly been a model teammate in all his years on the Bengals.

It doesn't matter if SD doesn't have the money, they're not taking crap just for the sake of trading down. That trade isn't even close to the value of the #1 overall pick when there are two QBs slated to go in the top 5, maybe even top 3. Pittsburgh doesn't give up that much, and like I said before, Arizona probably couldn't get the #1 overall for what you had Pitt giving up.