View Full Version : My thoughts on trading up to get RG3

02-24-2012, 03:47 PM
Putting it plain and simple It would cost WAAAAY to much to jump to the #2 spot. It would easily take AT LEAST this years 1st and 2nd in addition to next years 1st. Again that is the minimum, considering there will be a bidding war, they may still want more. We are in the middle of rebuilding this team, there is no way we trade all those picks away.

But besides that, I don't think the Rams want to trade down all the way to the number 8 spot anyway. It doesn't make sense for them. They would miss out on 2 big time key "franchise" players who I guarantee they want (Blackmon and Kalil). They have invested allot into Sam Bradford and they need to invest in helping him out. By moving down 8 spots there would be no chance of grabbing either Blackmon or Kalil. If they trade down to a team like the Browns, they would have the opportunity to still get 1 of the 2 guys they want (most likely Blackmon) in addition to some extra picks.

There is no way the Rams trade down to the #8 spot. And if they do I will gladly, and happily eat crow. I would love to get a guy like RG3. I just don't think the Rams are dumb enough to miss out on an opportunity to grab a franchise T or WR AND some extra picks, to help out there "franchise" QB.

Just my $0.02...