View Full Version : the real mvp Vrabel

Ct Fin Freak 13
02-02-2004, 08:34 AM
For some reason the media and everybody is in love with tom brady. IMO he wasnt the mvp of the superbowl Mike Vrabel was. He had 2 sacks a forced fumble and a touchdown. The fumble set up the first touchdown when neither team could score. And the only reason why It was still a game was because Brady had the only mistake by either quarterback in the throwing that int when he just could have thrown it away or taken a sack then they could have kicked a field goal and gone up by 10. Brady played a good game but i dont think he even had the best game as a qb in the game. With new englands " awesome" secondary Delhomme didnt even throw one Int. Now we are gonna have to hear about brady forever as being one of the best ever it makes me sick. That int was all on his shoulders and if not for that ******** kickoff by carolina in the end it could have gone to overtime and probably would have.

02-02-2004, 03:07 PM
I go along with that as well. if not vrabel, then Dellhome, even tho he lost. IMO, he clearly outplayed brady for the most part, made bigger plays and such. Brady's blunderous pick put the whole game in jepoardy for the pats and imo, he was mvp ONLY cuz they wound up winning the game.