View Full Version : Do We Really Need Another Mock Draft?

03-17-2012, 12:53 PM
Short answer: no. But here's what I would do if Stephen Ross gave me the keys. Read on if you'd like. :read:
Note the addition of another second-Rounder. My formulation has our guys hocking the #8 pick for a high teens first rounder and a second rounder. And a caveat: it's a bit light in the WR and secondary, so take it with a grain of salt.

1.) OG David DeCastro OR OT Mike Adams- DeCastro is my favorite of the two, but it's less pricey to get OGs in FA. Still, I think we land Winston.
2.) DE Whitney Mercilus- Pass-rusher is a big need for the team, and if we could snag a guy like Mercilus, it'd be a boon to our defense.
2.) QB Kirk Cousins- High character, intelligent leader. Some say he's a third-rounder, but he's my third-favorite QB up for grabs this draft.
3.) WR Tommy Streeter- Tall, fast, and easily coachable. I like his work ethic and the fact that he's a Cane.
3.) TE Michael Egnew- One of the mock drafts out there alerted me to this guy's body of work. Great pass-catching production, impressive highlights.
4.) CB Trumaine Johnson- I'm a bit bothered that I didn't attempt to address the concerns in the secondary until now. But Johnson is the real deal.
5.) OT Nate Potter- With one end of the line anchored and the other filled by a top pick or FA, I'd like to double up and build some solid depth.
6.) OLB/DE Olivier Vernon- I'm not just a Cane homer. I swear. Vernon would have gone first round had he stayed for his final year. Coach 'em up.
7.) DE Adewale Ojomo- I figure that the seventh round is for this kind of stuff. I've always liked Ojomo. He moved inside his senior year on account of slim DT depth. There's no question that he would have made a bigger splash had he stayed at DE.