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03-20-2012, 03:41 PM
I have never liked Ross and always thought he was a football idiot.

He made Sparano look like a clown and killed the team before the season started.
He considers Karl Peterson a football confidant
He thinks celebrities should be part owners, even though they don't add anything to attendance and shame the franchise
He retained Jeff Ireland, who has never been a good GM
He runs his mouth to the media and has lost respect in the NFL which affects Free Agency
Most importantly, we had Wayne Huizenga, a real owner

I used to say most of this last year and everyone attacked me. So I am just curious..how do you feel now, especially knowing the Fins are interested in Tebow.

Hi Coach Philbin, welcome to Miami. Welcome to a giant joke lead by a guy who knows nothing about football and probably thinks Dan Synder is a cool guy.

EDIT posted wrong forum..i reported it be moved. sorry.