View Full Version : Upcoming Pro Day Schedule

03-21-2012, 02:23 AM
What Pro Days are you looking forward too? Here's a breakdown of upcoming dates (Highlighted denotes ones I am personally interested):

March 21: Baylor (Wright), Boston College (Keuchly), Rutgers (Sanu)
March 22: Stanford (Martin, Fleener, DeCastro), Boise St. (Moore), LSU (Brockers), Memphis (Poe)
March 24: Arizona State (Osweiler)
March 28: UConn (alma mater), Ryan Tannehill (did not work out during A&M's pro day due to injury so he gets his today)
April 3: Notre Dame (Floyd)

Fulll list here: http://wap.nfl.com/news/09000d5d826dde13/2012-pro-days-schedule/

On a side note its interesting Coples did drills at his pro day from both the defensive end and linebacker position, at the request of Rex Ryan. I always saw him as a 4-3 DE and wouldn't try to shoehorn him into OLD of a 3-4.