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03-21-2012, 07:42 PM
Dear FinHeaven staff,

Please ban/delete all IncarceratedBob threads. He is not a legitimate source of information and only creates confusion among fans in regard to "breaking news" or legitimate NFL rumors.

See this for more information:


So I went over Bob’s 16,000+ tweets, looking for predictions, reports and the like. What I found was that a large portion of his Tweets are simply chest thumping self promotion and rallying speeches for his followers, urging them to retweet to the world how “good” he is (over 40% of his total tweets). I didn’t want to grade Bob unfairly, so I threw those out, along with any “breaking news” tweets that could possibly be misconstrued for an opinion, instead of an actual report–after all, I don’t want artificially lower Bob’s grade, just because he “thought someone might go somewhere.”

What I found was alarming.

On actual “breaking reports” tweets, with specific information, Bob “broke” (or Tweeted before anyone else) the story little better than 2% of the time. A quick search of Twitter timelines shows that Bob simply copied the Tweets of some of his followers, nearly word for word, from a few minutes earlier. Some of those followers had knowingly sent Bob the information, some appeared to be blatantly plagiarized. Either way, Bob’s claim that he’s first is at best dubious as there is ample evidence to support he isn’t, and at worst outright fabrication (like many other things about him, as we shall see).

On accuracy of “reporting,” Bob fared much better. He scored a 29% accuracy rating with how often his “reports” turned out ultimately to be correct. I don’t know what kind of education most of you have, but the schools I went to taught me that 29% accuracy, was a miserable failure. An “F” as my first grade teacher Ms. Johnston called it. I’m not sure your political bent, dear reader, but if it were provable that either FOX or MSNBC reported the news with 29% accuracy, both would be out of business, and the punchline of many a joke.

03-21-2012, 07:45 PM
But that would prevent us from mocking his followers. I always enjoy taunting the village idiot.